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@hikaymm tagged me in her new little game about favorite EDs and OPs.
I don't really need much convincing to share those ever, because music is life and anime is also life.

Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 OP

I will never not love this OP. This song is the bee's fuckin' knees. It was one of those OPs that I could never bring myself to skip, even as I binged the entirety of Tokyo Ghoul.
Oshiete... Oshiete... sono shikumi wo.....

We Are - One Piece first OP

There's no song quite like One Piece's first opener. It captures the sense of adventure, the feeling of sailing with your friends on open seas, the freedom in front of you and the burning desire to achieve your dreams. This OP gets me pumped up and gives me a yearning for adventure.

Heart of Sword - Ruroni Kenshi ED 3

This one is just pure nostalgia nuggets for me. I remember being a kid in the 90s and early 2000s watching anime on Toonami, with Ruroni Kenshin being a favorite. This synthy, discoy third ED from the anime is one that I distinctly remember loving every time it came on.
tbh all of the songs on my phone and computer that i listen to are all music from anime (OPs, EDs, and background/instrumental music) except for like 3 XD
Tokyo Ghoul is stuck in my head the way the guy started the song One piece is so fancy and classic samurai X makes me feel like watching Trigun again
let me ponder on the topic a bit and I'll post it up.
@PASCUASIO thanks dude! you should also do one!
great choices.
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