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Growing up, we used to call people to gave you a gift and took them back 'Indian givers'. When it comes to calling off an engagement, are you considered an indian giver if you expect your ex-fiance to return the ring you gifted her? I guess that's a decision that the couple should make on their own, but in my own personal opinion -- I would have no reason to keep the ring.
I honestly feel like the ring would only be a constant memory of what could've been and what will never be. It's pointless in my opinion and no matter how beautiful the ring may be, I would have no reason to keep the ring. While the ring cost the guy a whopping $30,000, I can see why he wants it back -- like they say, 'money can't buy love'.

Do you agree that a woman should return the ring after an engagement is called off?

Ladies and fellas let your voices be heard.
@alywoah legally, engagement rings are conditional gifts. if the condition isn't met (getting married) you're legally entitled to it back. but if you do it on gift giving holidays they can argue that it was an unconditional gift, just a ring and not an engagement ring
If there are no legal repercussions, and the ring was worth a lot, I won't give it back lol. But I mean like if it's worth A LOTTTT. If it's a few grand, I'll give it back. I am just being real here. ;)
@InVinsybll can't it also be considered a special gift without it being around a holiday? .....I think that technically, she doesn't have to because it was a gift. But she's a shitty person if she doesn't. You guys I also don't know the legality of this issue, so yeah....I'd give the damn thing back (unless it was like worth a house a few cars, then honestly I might not).
she should give it back. also - never propose on Christmas, birthdays, or valentines, because then legally they don't have to give it back to you because it can be considered a special gift
it's simple... If he proposed and then he decided to break it off the you keep the ring. If you are the one who decided to break it off then you give it back.
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