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Growing up, we used to call people to gave you a gift and took them back 'Indian givers'. When it comes to calling off an engagement, are you considered an indian giver if you expect your ex-fiance to return the ring you gifted her? I guess that's a decision that the couple should make on their own, but in my own personal opinion -- I would have no reason to keep the ring.
I honestly feel like the ring would only be a constant memory of what could've been and what will never be. It's pointless in my opinion and no matter how beautiful the ring may be, I would have no reason to keep the ring. While the ring cost the guy a whopping $30,000, I can see why he wants it back -- like they say, 'money can't buy love'.

Do you agree that a woman should return the ring after an engagement is called off?

Ladies and fellas let your voices be heard.
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yeah, that constant reminder in the back of your head would be the worst @EasternShell
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Give it back. What's the point of keeping the ring my ex gave me, when I could get another one from someone worth my time?
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very interesting way to look at it. makes sense @primodiva93
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Engagement rings are considered different from a common gift, under US law and others which evolved from English Common Law. The ring and the acceptance of it have been held up by the courts as sealing a contract to marry. In the case when the bride to be decides later that she does not want to marry, she's expected to return the engagement ring. Should it be a case of the groom walking away from the promise to marry, the bride keeps the ring as compensation for time spent 'off the market'. Most of the time, I think the issue gets worked out between the two parties. But, if the bride calls off the wedding or is unfaithful before the wedding day, the groom has the right to reclaim the ring. If the bride refuses, the groom can sue for possession or other recompense. In this case, the groom almost always prevails. It's interesting that society still sees marriage in terms of property rights, spoilage of the asset and lost opportunity costs. But, that's the way it is handled in the courts.
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@stephosorio The engagement ring only is yours forever once the marriage is consummated. Until then, you must return it if you call off the marriage, and in certain cases where the bride has done things that violate the engagement contract. [I'm not arguing that this is the way it should be. I'm just explaining the way the courts see it]
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