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When you've got so many tools at your disposal, it's hard to come up with new and fun ways to style your hair. Sometimes it can be exhausting. But not this time. I found this chic hair hack on TheBeautyDepartment that shows you how to create this effortless look using a flat iron. Don't believe me? Keep reading!
1. Using a 1" curling iron (not a flat iron just yet), gently curl your hair away from the face for loose curls.
2. While this look, on it's own is fab, you're not done yet.
3. Take your flat iron and VERY QUICKLY tap-tap-tap from near the roots to the ends. It's about breaking up the curled look in picture 2 to give it a more relaxed vibe.
4. Finish your hair with your favorite pomade and finish with a couple pumps of hair spray to set it.
Easy. Doable. Chic.
You gotta get in there and teach your hair a lesson it will never forget. heheh @stephosorio
Pretty cool!!!
I love how this looks but my stubborn hair ends up doing something else within a few hours
Anything that looks effortless is a winner @TessStevens You're welcome @jordanhamilton
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