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Hello everyone! It's Jonghyun Wednesday again! Theme for the day is.... Jonghyun Aegyo! Let's start this card off! BTW BaekJong I ship that lol.

Look at this man looking all adorable and stuff. Ruining bias list since debut. Taemin: Stef! Told you to advert your eyes! He's trying to trap you in his cuteness Web. Me: But he's soo cute. *stares* Taemin: Oh no not again. *pulls me away*
*sneaks away from Taemin while he sleeps* OK I'm back but I got to keep my feels in check. He's needs to stop like seriously. Taemin:Stef don't you love me anymore. *pouts cutely* Me: Of course! Taemin: *pulls me close tilting my head up* Then only look at me. *dies* I literally just killed my own feels with that. XD
im dead
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his cuteness fricken kills me. damn but i love it. ❤
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