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{WW} Tsundere Edition!

Hey everyone! It's Wednesday, our favorite time of the week. Time for another installment of Waifu Wednesdays! This is my third entry but after these and Nakama Campfire I feel like I've been talking with you guys forever! In today's edition @hikaymm is asking us to select our tsundere waifus and husbandos. I'm picking up the differences between the dere character archetypes slowly but surely and thanks to other Vinglers whom have made cards containing that info it sure has helped.
Here is an image containing the major 4 and a quick summary. There are more than this I know and not all characters exhibit only one type of personality but sometimes some characters are totally just walking representations of the one. So tsunderes are defined as a character that is either not good at expressing themselves or their emotions. particularly romantic ones, and often act mean and violent in response or flat deny their feelings entirely and again are aggressive, mean, or physically abusive instead. Eventually overtime these characters learn how to express themselves more honestly and warm up to whomever they were originally acting out against. This seems to be a very popular character archetype in anime particular, as I've never seen or heard the term before getting involved in anime. It's not something that is often discussed in western media as I character archetype either. I'm sure there are plenty of characters that exude these personality traits but it is hardly ever a defining or such and important character trait as it is in anime. It's kind of become a cliché I think, this character archetype and the situations and interactions that arise because of it being such a defining element of characters in anime. I've never in my life met a person who is really like this, shy and reserved perhaps not good at being honest of their feelings but never physically or verbally abusive instead of. Generally people who are bad at expressing themselves are simply quiet and isolate themselves. ai digress though, just supplemental opinions, not what we are here for lol.
I am normally not particular attracted to or fond of tsunderes. The writing and dialogue I feel get hung up on trying to convey that this person just sucks at being a person or honest how they feel even though it's painfully obvious they have feelings in the one they are abusing and instead of just making things so much easier and progressing development either internally or interpersonally, we have to have an entire season of watching these characters beat, harass, name call, and genrally act frustratingly unlike a person to everyone they come across especially the main love interest. Then we get all the clichés, the trip and falls and over reactions to every little thing instead of just more realistic and likeable character development. However all that being said, there are some characters that are tsundere that I do like, and that do have interesting and endearing character development despite all their unreal hangups. What I'll do is select 3 girls that are technically tsunderes from anime I have seen that I have had feelings for and enjoyed despite all the annoyingly cliché things surrounding them that I didn't enjoy. None of these girls will be waifu for the King of Romance, yall know how I am about that ;) I just don't have that strong of a connection or feelings for any of these, maybe some tsundere will come along later but for this one, just highlights for the sake of participation, the King shall remain alone this day. I'll tell you a little about the girls, why I like them, what I don't, who I ship with who. Plenty of images too. Remember, I'm picking girls from anime that I've seen, which you all know is a comparably small list so I know there are probably a whole lot of tsunderes out there that might top my own and have a better story and character development then those from what I've seen. I certainly don't want to expose myself to spoilers by reading about characters from shows I haven't seen so I'll stick to the ones I have! And of course, if I haven't seen their shows then I wouldn't have the chance to develop actual feelings or attachment so it'd be kinda cheating. Anyway , Enjoy:
Aria H. Kanzaki Oh this girl. I've talked about her before but she belongs here. All the images and gifs above are her being remarkably tsundere lol. To tell you a bit about her, obviously, she's definitely tsundere, about as much as they come. She's a second year student at high school for Butei, special law enforcement officers licenced and trained to take down criminals. She's an S-Rank, highest there is, in the Assault Department, Butei that specialize in combat, fighting, and taking people down by force. She's a descendant of Sherlock Holmes, but sadly that isn't really highlighted much in the anime in story or in character. She's quick as a whip, perceptive. extremely skilled but not quite as brilliantly capable of deducing like her distance ancestor. She's got stunted growth due to a bullet made out of some magical material that the anime again doesn't delve into at all lodged in her lower back. It doesn't cause her any other disability and doesn't hinder her skills at all. She's super brave, and talented she is nicknamed Quadra, because she uses dual wield pistols and carries two short swords as well. She is so pretty, super kawaii, but she's very commanding and demanding, especially of Kenji, who really isn't interested at first in being her partner or excelling at his work. Things I love about her are her super long twin tail hair and her big pretty pinkish red eyes, her pointed canines which just drive me wild, her skills and fighting style, and the way her holsters wrap around her legs all sexy like. She is super prone to outbursts and jealousy, even though she won't just ever say how she feels about Kenji always resorting to attacking him or the girls who are more open and aggressive about there feelings for him like Riko or Shirayuki. I don't like that about her at all, she's pretty blunt and to the point except in this regard. She is pretty immature for someone of her caliber and position, so shes certainly not a waifu, sad to say. Shes kinda to young for me as well, but pshh age in fantasy is about as irrelevant as it is in real life. Also, this anime has a shitton of cliché, especially Kenji walking in on her in the shower or her walking in on him when some other girl is all over him and it bugs me. Hardly anyone is very straightforward in this anime and so it's kind of a story killer for me. It's got a great premice, the action is sick, the animation and voice acting all awesome, but just the constant tropes, the out of place harem elements and hang ups just piss me off. I think Kenji and Shirayuki are good for each other as my main ship in this anime, she genuinely has affection for him and isn't afraid to tell him like Aria. But i kinda ship her and Kenji too, they do have sweet moments and although neither one will admit it, genuine affection for each other. More images of her below, some cosplay, gifs, her just being kawaii.
Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere First off, her name is amazing and super pretty, lol not to mention long. She's from The Familiar of Zero, I don't recall it's Japanese name. I haven't seen all of this, a few episodes of the first season only, I believe it's got 3 seasons and the manga has lots of volumes. I stopped watching because it's got those damn harem elements that drive me nuts but I'm gonna give it another shot one day. Let's see, I know she's royalty, high strung, stubborn, brave and of course tsundere. She has trouble controlling her magic, and all the magic people in Tristan summon familiars to protect them and she summons a regular Japanese boy named Saito. They fall in love so I hear but again at the constant end of harem tropes, her beating the crap out of him, him sleeping with other girls yada etc. She's pretty, I guess I kinda got a thing for the pink haired girls lol. A like the high stung high maintenance girls too. She's royalty and acts like it, part of her tsundere attitude comes from that I think. She is a special type of mage called a Void mage and that's why she can't control her magic it's explosion based and she can't use other types but has like the ultimate explosion capabilities which is awesome. She's sweet when she wants to be and her and Saito are really cute together when not fighting.
Sora Takanashi from PapaKiki(short hand Japanese name) I maxed out the images I could put on the card lol. Anyway, Sora is a sweetheart but with tsundere aspects. Especially to Yuta because one, she's shy, two he's kind of family(not by blood by bond) so she feels a bit weird about her romantic feelings, and three because of the age gap between her and him, and Yuta's closeness to Raika. She is pretty, she's smart, a terrible cook, but a great sister and very responsible. She dresses stylishly and her bow in her hair is cute. Raika is obsessed with Sora and becomes much cuter herself when around her, even though Sora is jealous of her she likes Raika and thinks she's pretty. Sora is one of my favorite names like, ever. *spoiler alert* I reckon that Sora and Yuta end up getting married in the OVA and the manga, I guess I didn't see the OVA because I don't recall this. I shipped Yuta with Raika, and I don't particularly have a problem with Yuta and Sora though, I just thought him and Raika were a better batch but it's sweet they end up together. They had the bond for it and genuine affection. The age difference was the only mitigating factor but, I don't really believe in such sill concepts as age preventing two people from such a thing as love. Don't mistake me, I'm not condoning such distasteful things as you may think, I'm simply saying, if a person is 18 and the other 28, would anyone bat an eyelash at that relationship? well they might bat an eyelash but it's not a thing like people always make it out to be. Love is love, if you love someone, go for it, and that's my favorite thing about Sora, is she did.
Okay yall there ya have it. Not my waifus but, three tsundere girls I like, think are kawaii and wanted to talk about! I'm looking forward to reading yalls and finding out more about waifu tsunderes. tagging the WW crew: @hikaymm @Yatosgirl @NeckoNecko @ShinigamiSan @assasingod @tayhar18920 @Danse @kawaiiporpoise @pervysagex @Colonellinguis @JessicaFerrier @AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ
@SAMURXAI well it's good that someone appreciates her. When I make my card I'll be sure to tag you. I think I have an idea of who I can do
@JessicaFerrier I thought about finding some guys just to switch it up, your right it'll be a little harder but there are some dudes that definitely fit the bill, maybe they aren't physical but definitely don't express themselves proper and lash out verbally. I'll look forward to it. You have a point on Louise being snobby, but I like that she has to grow, and she does in some regards especially with her relationship with Saito. She was brought up that way so I try to give her some slack but she's got a lot of growing to so for sure.
I'm not particularly fond of tsundere either especially Miss. Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere. Not only is she a tsundere but she's really snobby, ya I agree she is very cute with her pink hair but she needs to work on her personality. This weeks theme is hard for me because I don't like tsundere but I usually do husbandos. When I actually get to making my card I'll need to find guy tsundere, which is hard because in anime most guys don't hit girls.
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