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I haven't played Call of Duty in years. But I still like watching some of these Highlight Reel-esque videos that pop up on my feed from time to time. And when I watched this one, I finally felt like an old man looking at an iPhone for the first time.
Maybe one of you guys can explain this to me. How did the opposing team not notice that he was standing right behind them? Why can you fly through the air like some kind of Iron Spiderman? What is this game even about? Does everyone play as superheroes? Is everyone a robot?
What the hell is going on? Am I getting too old? Do I need to start yelling at you kids for playing football on my lawn? Do I have to start buying bags of butterscotch candies because that's the old person candy of choice? What is life? What the hell is happening? What is this game? Is it fun? How do you do jump off things like that? Is it a parkour game now? WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH THIS?
If you want to answer any of these questions, you can do so in the comments below.
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wtf? so I'm just gonna guess the opposing team wasn't paying any attention thought they had shit in the bag and that's how that guy rolled up on them, but those wall run physics look stupid and completely unrealistic, I mean, what was that with the tree to wall to tree to wall crap? I get that all them players got those super suits or whatever but I didn't dig that at all. I don't play the newer ones. I play black ops 2 zombies and that's about it and even that grinds my gears. idk man I'm with you I think we need to just get some lawn chairs, some of them butterscotches, and yell at the damn kids together. "hey, HEY get your damn iron suits off my trees and walls and shit you damn kids"