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Microsoft announced today that they're stopping production of the Xbox 360 after 10 years. The Xbox 360 was a huge player in the last generation of gaming so surviving for 10 years is quite an achievement (unlocked, get it because achievements). The 360 brought us a lot of exclusive titles like Halo and Gears of War but it holds a special place in my heart for a different reason.
When it came out, I was pretty much done with playing video games. I had no reason to continue and I felt that it was because I was growing up and getting older. But without the 360, the last ten years has been filled with a lot of great experiences. And I know that the games on the upcoming list were all cross-platform games but I experienced them on Xbox 360 and without the console, I probably wouldn't have kept playing games at all.
And who knows where I'd be without it, I probably wouldn't be your Video Games Moderator-ator. And I probably wouldn't be so cool. But anyway, let's take this trip down memory lane. Here are 3 games that will always be tied to the Xbox 360 for me and I'll always remember them with fondness.

The Skate Series

Like I said earlier, I didn't want to get a new console. I didn't care for video games at the time. But when I heard that there was a new skateboarding game coming out that was more "realistic" in its controls, I suddenly needed to get a 360. And all the games in the series didn't disappoint. It kept the winter months filled with skateboarding and got me pumped for the warmer months to come back. I absolutely loved these games.

Red Dead Redemption

I've written so many cards about this game already. I don't know what else I can say. It's art. It's an amazing game. Everything works the way you want it to. Also, horses. Horses are great.

Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. I didn't think I'd like the Fallout series when I got my hands on a copy of Fallout 3. But without these two games, I probably wouldn't have fallen back into play RPGs as much as I do. It had everything that I wanted in a game that I didn't know I wanted. You all know how much I love these games, so I don't really need to get into it.
Again, I know my list of games are all cross-platform. But what are you favorite games from the last generation? Whether they're Xbox exclusives or cross-platform, it doesn't matter. Let me know in the comments or make a card of your own!
that's crazy! never own a 360 before I'm still planning on having one tho lol just to have it in my collection hahah
@paulisadroid yeah hahaha it's one of the first games I ever got for the 360
If we aren't looking purely for exclusives here, I'm just gonna throw a list down of all my favorite games from the 360 days. Dark Souls 1&2, COD WAW&MW2, Halo Reach, Fallout NV, Skyrim, Oblivion, Naughty Bear (always in my heart), the Borderlands games, Assassin's Creed brotherhood/3/revelations/black flag, GTA 4/5, Titanfall, Far Cry 3, Prototype 1/2, and many, many others.
@MoisEsGaray well on the bright side they're pretty cheap now
@Alletaire NAUGHTY BEAR... now that's a title I haven't heard in years...