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AVENGE WORLD! by: Konomi Suzuki. The anime is Freezing Vibrations. for some reason I can't help but get my blood flowing whenever i hear this.
What kind of Fairy Tail fan would I be if I didn't also include this OP right here... BELIEVE IN MYSELF by: Edge of Life. Now of course there are too many Fairy Tail OP's worthy enough to be on here but i settled on this one here.
SPICE by: Tokyo Karankoron. This ED has that upbeat, pick you up kinda feel to it. which is why i liked it. The anime is Shokugeki no Soma
NEVER EVER by: Tokyo Girls' Styke
I'll just add this one here as a bonus as a lot of people seem to enjoy theese. @Invisybll @hikaymm @SimoneSanders @BlackoutZJ @LuffyNewman
I liked the first one. The Dead Man Wondering one. @SAMURXAI
that's good to hear. @SAMURXAI
@PASCUASIO oh for sure I did I played em while I was making coffee and smoking a cig lol they were all great for sure Spice was just my favorite
but all the songs here great. if you have the time give them all a listen and see for yourself. @SAMURXAI
yeah man, I really like that song to. Ever since I first heard it I made a note and saved it for future references. @SAMURXAI
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