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You Can Trust This Civil War Review

All hail Brubaker?

Marvel fans (Cap in particular) know Ed Brubaker as the man responsible for bringing Bucky Barnes back from the dead and introducing the Winter Soldier. When it comes to Captain America stories, he knows what he's talking about.


Of course, I'd like to know ASAP what he meant when he said slash fic fans will rejoice. I know what I'd like him to mean. But somehow I feel like he's introducing another wild twist. Thoughts?
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I already have tickets bought for May 6th (:
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😍😍 I'm ready
2 years ago·Reply
@UzumakiJess my friends and I are going in a big group :D
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I'm dragging my mom and taking my little cousin. First weekend if I can, and definately in 3D. I'm so fucking psyched. like... 2 weeks, man!
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