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All the early footage looks AMAZING!!!

Black Panther has felt like an underrated comic book character for a while. I'm totally biased because he's one of my favorites, so you know I'm excited to see him in glorious live action LESS THAN A MONTH FROM NOW.

He's strong enough to go toe to toe with Bucky.

That says he probably rivals Cap's abilities- even before Steve knew the Winter Soldier was Bucky he was having trouble keeping up with him!

Case in point: Look at that strength!

Also... look at his face.

Chadwick Boseman has such a great smile. (Swoon). The fight scenes are awesome, but I'm hoping they're balanced with some character moments too. T'Challa's a hero because of who he is first and foremost- he would never have become Black Panther if he wasn't brave and honest in addition to being strong and driven.

Raise your hand if you're ten kinds of excited about Black Panther!!!

What are you hoping to see from his character in Civil War?
I get chills evreytime I see footage of him lol
Meow. . .
L.A. is interested in black panther.. so is the police.. and so am i
@SarahRegulski definitely!!!! There's so much cool stuff from the comics that they can bring to the movies. And he'll have a fresh perspective on all the stuff that they've been building on I think
I am so excited to see Black Panther in Civil War.! I mean it's a new character to the screen and Black Panther looks so awesome! So I am very much excited!!
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