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So in my playing of Bloodborne last night, I decided to finally make good use of the Beckoning Bell and the ability to bring friends into your world using a password protected beckoning. Cleverly, we used the password 'poop', because we are clearly responsible adult people.
So I hit up a new friend of mine and we jumped into a party chat. He's played through Bloodborne a couple of times already, and so his character was over level 200 and currently on New Game +3 when he joined my world. I told him I had my eyes set on the weapon Lagarius' Wheel, and so we tackled Martyr Logarius himself, so I could complete Alfred's quest and receive the Wheel Hunter Badge from him.
We loaded into Cainhurst and fought our way to the boss. Cainhurst is probably now my favorite territory in the whole game, because of the Castlevania aesthetic of the area as well as the weird platforming. The fact that you have to drop from ledges and rooftops in order to get to the boss fight tripped me up at first, because this is a game that is eager to punish you for misstepping off of a roof or wall or parapet or what have you.
Fighting Logarius was a bunch of fun. It took probably three or four attempts, with my friend doing the lion's share of the damage. On one hand, that was kind of a bummer because it took me a little out of the victory, but on the other, it was a puckload of fun two 2v1 the boss, because even with my friend's significant level advantage this is still Bloodborne.
After defeating Logarius, we set our eyes on yet another optional boss, the Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier. This fight was actually pretty easy, and I don't think it took us more than 2 attempts or so. Again, my buddy was doing a tremendous amount of the damage, though the wheel was certainly doing it's part.
After defeating the Amygdala, we made for Ya'hargul to fight the One Reborn. This was a damn tough fight, since this boss has so much potential for one-shotting. I know that had I been going at this fight alone, I'd have spent my entire night on this one alone, trying desperately to carve some kind of damage into it. Thankfully my friend knew exactly what he was doing, and though we still had significant problems beating this horrifying abomination of dead bodies, we managed to persevere.
We moved on, to the Nightmare of Mensis.
That's where things got real shitty, real quickly. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare is the boss of the Mensis Nightmare (makes sense, right?). I see a whole bunch of different sites saying that Micolash ranks as one of the easiest bosses that the game has, though my experience has been quite the opposite.
Chasing him around corridors and avoiding getting smacked by his various skeleton-puppets is annoying, but then when you finally fight him for real, he is in a small room with more skeletons that he tries to hide behind. He also has a tentacle attack that can nearly one-shot if you aren't ready for it. When it doesn't one-shot, the skeletons will be quick to stun lock you.
Maybe it was the hectic nature of having two hunters in the same spot, trying to and all these hits and avoid skeletons that made it hard. Maybe I just suck.
Either way, I'm coming for you tonight, Micolash.
@NikolasSatterwh absolutely. a new and unexpected favorite of mine
Bro bloodborne is sensational, one of the best games of 2015