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This is how text message or online conversations usually happen when people find out I studied English/Writing and that I write for fun...

Stranger: Oh, so you're really careful about grammar?
Me: Not really.
Stranger: I see you added a period at the end of that sentence...
Me: ??? yo do whateva da fux u want. im actually a reeaally lazy txtr & i dont care to use good grammar here, there, anywhere...unless im gettin paid for it (or lyk im writing somethin impt like colorism in latin america). kk? thx bai.
@danidee like honestly I do care about grammar, but not as much as people assume. I personally think style and voice is more important (as far as engaging with readers).ALSOOOOOOOOO when I text...grammar shit goes out the window. I am a very slow texter so i just shorten things as much as possible.
Sorry, I love grammar! But not when style is concerned, you go girl!
I'm really bad at using punctuation when I text. Everything just turns into a long run-on sentence lol.
LOL I don't mind if people drop grammar, but if the spelling sucks, I get all annoyed.
I will admit I'm a grammar nazi.
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