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Part 3: _ * _ * _ * Ignore him. That was my first thought everyday at school when he tried taking to me. So that's what I did. I made two new friends with Alex because I would grab her and start talking with them whenever he would try to talk to me during breaks. Except today, only Alex out of my friends is here today. For some reason mage other two are absent and that makes it harder to not talk to him when he's the closest person next to me. Just gotta make it to lunch and then I'm safe. I practically jumped out of my seat when the bell rang, grabbing Alex and running to the roof top to make sure he didn't follow me. As I dragged her up the steps she placed her foot down harshly making me stop. " Still ignoring someone are we?" she questioned with a smirk. "Yah! Aren't you happy I've been listening to your advice?" I argued crossing my arms. "Yes, but did you forget the other part? You know, where he confronts you and you end up admitting your love for him and get married in the future? Or.." her smirk grew bigger, "is that what you want?" "Yah!!! Shut up!" "We'll you aren't denying it!" she teased turning around walking away. I watched, too mad to stop her until she stopped before the corner. "You know what?" she said looking back with a sly grin. "That day may come sooner than you think, make sure you're ready." she winked then continued to walk. 'What was that about? Anyways, might as well follow her, otherwise I got no one to eat lunch with. Damn you Alex.' I walked down the steps to where she had been a few seconds ago, only to stop seeing someone very familiar. 'Crap. Keep walking, keep walking. Remember to ignore him. It's only been a few weeks.' I kept reminding myself as he kept calling my name. No way am I stopping now, if I do I'll seem easy. "Y/N!" his voice was getting closer, and so I ran. Don't know where, but no one was around so I decided to rest. Couldn't hurt to skip the remaining classes, just for today, I told myself. I just gotta keep this up until he gives up on his whole 'I'll make you love me.' thing. However, I'm still puzzled about what happened. What did he mean by 'You're a beautiful liar... Y/N. But so am I and I can't see right through you. Don't forget that.'? If he honestly thinks that, I'm going to have to show him otherwise, but for now this is good enough.
I know it's a short chapter, don't hate me. I'm having trouble trying to find ways to show information you're going to need to know. *Sigh* I might restart and change things but for now I'll continue. Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side, Consequences, Beautiful Liar


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