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McDonalds to try unlimited fries
All you can eat options often drives people bananas.
With the right item, a buffet style approach gets butts in the building fast. One McDonalds in Missouri got the hint, and has decided to offer all you can eat fries at their location soon!
The deal is not yet available to the public as the restaurant is scheduled to open this coming July.
While unlimited french fries make their way to Missouri, California is getting low-calorie breakfast bowls made with egg whites, turkey sausage, and kale.
Obviously, fans in Cali are wondering: why do I get Kale when Missouri is getting fries by the boatload?

How much would you pay for the option of unlimited fries while seated in McDonalds?

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This would've been fun after school dances in high school. Everyone in their homecoming dresses splitting unlimited french fries.
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yes i would! i dont go often to mcdonalds so when i do i would be okay with getting them unlimited fries i love them
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No thanks..
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damn.. I guess they are trying to find another way to kill people lol but wow that's a lot of fries! you will probably get full just by eating half of it but I know that's a lot of calories. I love McDonald's fries but I wouldn't get carried away with eating that a lot. I mean I barely eat at McDonald's like I used to.
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kale isn't too soup...
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