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Here's the breakdown:
Step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First.
Step 2. Answer the Following Questions.
Q1. How did he/she make it into your top 5?
Q2. What is your favorite thing about his/her personality?
Q3. What is your favorite thing about his/her physical appearance?
Q4. Was it love at first sight?
Q5. What was your first impression of him/her?
Bias 1 JHOPE
-Jhope made it into my top 5 very easily. He's just so dang cute! At first I fell for his cuteness and he was maybe my number 3 but then I found out just how sexy he could be. On top of his looks he is very sweet and friendly and I'm very attracted to that. Plus he is the GOLDEN HYUNG. He can sing, rap, dance, act, and model.
-my favorite thing about hobi's personality is his friendliness. He just draws me in with that.
-for me it's the eyes they can be fierce and sexy or soft and sweet.
-sadly no it wasn't love at first sight. I actually had another bias from bts first. But then I found Hobi and all was right with the world.
-my first impression of Hobi was simple, I didn't notice him. Funny how things work out right.
Bias 2 Baekhyun
-beakhyun made it into my bias list with his amazing voice. And being completely adorkable.
-his personality is so quirky and charming how could I not love him?
-his lips draw me in the most. I can't look away from those freaking lips. And that box smile I just...ahhhh!
-yes it was love at first sight! As I said before his voice drew me in when I first discovered Exo I wasn't really paying attention but when I looked up to see who the voice belonged to that was all she wrote.
-my first impression of beakhyun was like "oh my god! Where did you come from! Stay in your freaking lane!"
Bias 3 Leo
-Leo made it into my top 5 because let's be honest, he's hella sexy. And he has the voice of an angel.
-my favorite thing about him is how quiet and thoughtful he is. Sure he looks like he's plotting to kill us all but he looks so cute while he's doing it. But in all honesty he's actually really sweet and soft spoken. I mean have you seen him with kids?
-I gotta say Leo has the cutest nose ever! But his strong eyes draw me in as well.
-actually no. I fell in love with hongbin first. But Leo was always there in the back of my mind.
-my first impression was that he had a beautiful voice but seemed unapproachable. But my heart melted for him.
Bias 4 Jimin/Xiumin
I actually had a hard time with this one. They are both my bias wreckers and I couldn't choose between them.
-Jimin: Jimin made it onto my list because he is bts's #1 bias wrecker. Every thing about him draws me in. And those high notes!
Xiumin: my Exo bias wrecker and guilty pleasure. This little ball of sexy fluff plays with my emotions. That's how he made it to my list. Because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment.
-Jimin: I love how happy he is all the time. His laugh is my oxygen.
Xiumin: Jimin and xiumin are actually very alike. They can both go from a cute little fluffy ball of cuteness to oh my god someone call the doctor I think I'm pregnant sexiness. And I love that.
-Jimin: I am in love with two things his jawline and the JIBOOTY.
Xiumin: who knew that this cute little squishy minseok had abs like that under that shirt? Who invented clothes? Can we sue them?
-no on both they both went unnoticed until I got more acquainted with Kpop.
-Jimin: at first I thought "this little jerk he just stole my heart!"
Xiumin: I don't really remember what happened all is I know he wasn't on my bias list one day and the next he was sitting in the bias chair right on jimins lap.
Bias 5 Taehyung
- when I discovered bts he was the first thing I noticed. He instantly drew me in. The deep look on his face and his amazing and deep voice. It was a total knockout.
-I love his 4d personality. He is literally all over the place. I'm that way too.
-his eyes draw me in. The way he can look like he's looking through you or look like your his favorite person on the planet. He can express so much with just his eyes.
-yes it was love at first sight! Earlier I mentioned how jhope wasn't my first love in bts and that's because taehyung was! Always was always will be! I still love taehyung!
-my first impression of him? I couldn't look away! Actually when I first made a vingle account it was only to find out more about him and to interact with others who loved him.
Just Incase you were wondering about my top 10
6. Hakyeon
7. Suga
8. Youngjae
9. Taecyeon
10. SUHO
And my other 2 baes I can't live without are Sungjoo from uniq and wonho from MonstaX. AND MY #1 ULTIMATE CHINESE BAE WILL ALWAYS BE LUHAN!
Can we just please appreciate this gif of sungjoo!?!
@ashleyemmert Taecyeon
@KDluvR1999 lol I feel you! I'm a weird one too we would get along perfectly! @VatcheeAfandi99 I knew I had another sibling somewhere! @JaxomB who's your UB?
My UB is on your top 10 list.....
@ashleyemmert You found it right here πŸ™Œ Lol!!
My ultimate number one is taehyung and it's been that way since the second week I discovered who they were. my first was jin just because he was the first one I saw and I fell but even then I wasn't too sure since I didn't know any of their names but his. But then I saw taehyungs amazing box smile, weird personality, and serious love for children. he's the perfect guy that isn't afraid to be himself, I'm just as weird as him really but I usually hide it when I go out and only the people I'm close to get to see it. Not only that but on top of it all hes really cute. In my book, he's a visual too. The first time I fell for him was when I saw a video all about all the members and I saw him with those kids and my breath hitched. If I'm ever gonna be with a guy, an absolute must is a guy that is good and loves kids and babies. Seriously. I didn't know I stole him from my step sister until after she told me. luckily she switched to jungkookie and jimin, whom she can't decide between.
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