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Maybe it's because we're young and immature. Maybe we're just stupid and will regret this all later. But one thing I know is that you saved me. You made my life amazing. You taught me how to enjoy my life, to cherish it. I'll always thank you for that no matter what. I never want this moment to end. This one right here. With you holding me as we dance like no one is around. How your breathe feels on my neck. How you pull me so close as if you never plan on letting go. Your smile, how it reaches your eyes making it look so welcoming. How you say name, sending shivers down my spine. Many say we're stupid for believing such a young love will be forever, but this feels too real. It feels too amazing to let go. So I'll always stay by your side. Even after death. Even if they're right and the relationship doesn't last, I'll always love you and keep you from harm, no matter the cost. Forget those that try to hurt us. They'll never understand until they've felt a love so real as this one. For now, let's just enjoy the music. Let's go to our own little world and prove them all wrong. Because I know, you and I are meant to be. And nothing will change that, my love.
Ayo!!! Cute right?! I decided we could all use some fluff! What you think?? Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side, Consequences, Beautiful Liar, Say Something


@Ercurrent haha😂😂
Yay for fluff!! And having intact emotions.