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Awkward {A Seventeen Oneshot}

Pairing: Vernon/Reader
Genre: Fluff, little Angst
Part: 1/1 (If enough people request a sequel I'll add a part.)
Tonight was the night. For the most part, you weren’t happy that it was. This was the night where you and Vernon would be going out on an actual date for the first time. Thinking about it made your stomach turn.
You two had been friends since preschool but neither of you even thought of going any further. You two were friends. Nothing more and nothing less. That’s how it always and you both preferred it that way. At least that was the case until your mothers came up with the brilliant idea to send you tow out on a romantic date. The both of you had laughed about the whole situation, certain it wouldn’t actually happen. But here you were in everything black excluding the purple tank top you grabbed from your closet. You figured your wardrobe should match your mood. Your mother yelled for you to hurry down when she saw Vernon and his mom driving up.
Some could say the outfit was a little edgy but it wasn’t like you were trying to look nice. It was Vernon for crying out loud. The goofball had as much interest in you as he did in a sack of potatoes. And you felt the same way. But mothers will have their dreams and this was sadly one of them.
You walk down the stairs slowly, dreading the hours ahead of you that you know will turn out awkward and uncomfortable.
“Y/N, come on!! Poor Vernon has been waiting for you.” Your mother meets you at the stairs. She eyes your outfit up and down and nods apparently satisfied. You sigh when she grabs your hand and guides you to the living room.
You were hoping your...unique choice of clothing would infuriate her and get you locked in the room for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, your mother was stubborn and wouldn’t cancel this date for anything in the world.
“Oh sorry for such the long wait Vernon dear.”
You roll your eyes and you spot Vernon do the same. Your mother doesn’t seem to notice as she takes a seat next to Vernon’s mom and starts talking about the plans for tonight which you promptly tune out. You take the seat beside Vernon and look him over. He’s dressed in a fancy blue jacket with a white tee under. Your eyes wander down and are not surprised to see skinny black jeans with blue sneakers. Even though it made you want to hurl, you couldn’t help but admire how good he looked. Was this all for you? You could feel butterflies arising in your stomach.
“This is so stupid.” You whispered to him making sure your mother was still deep in conversation.
Vernon shrugged. “Yeah. Just think of it like any other night. We’re gonna have fun like we usually do. No big deal.”
You give him a look. You whisper to him unable to contain your voice as it gets higher. “But it’s not just another night out. This is a date! Why are you so calm about this? Our mothers are trying to set up!”
He whispers for you to shush when your mothers end their conversation and turn to you both with big grins like Vernon had just proposed to you.
“Aww look at them. They’re already having secret conversations. Oh, and they’re sitting beside each other too!” Vernon’s mom whispers loudly to your mother.
“Mhm, you know what comes after that don’t you?” Your mother whispers at you with the same volume. Your jaw is set as you stare at your mother pleading her to stop quietly.
She answers her own question anyway. “Marriage and then kids! Oh, they’ll probably be the cutest things.”
“MOM!” You feel your cheeks burning and you don’t even glance over at Vernon who you know is reacting the same way.
“We…should probably be heading out soon,” Vernon announced as he stands, signaling for you to stand with him.
You knew exactly what he was doing and you jumped right up with him too. You two had to get away from your mothers as fast as possible before they shared any more ideas. Or made any more plans.
“Uhh…right! We’ll see you later. Don’t wait up!!”
You both hurry out the door, ignoring your mothers’ voices. Vernon sneaks a look at you and laughs. You laugh right back at him as you two jumps in his car and drive off as quick as you both can. You take one more glance behind you and see your mother standing on the outside steps. She seemed to be waving at you but it was unclear as you and Vernon sped off.
You turn around in your seat pushing it out of your mind. She probably wanted to remind you to have breath mints in case things got interesting. Which you knew it wouldn’t. A thought suddenly popped into your mind and you look over at Vernon.
“Hey. Where are we-“
Your voice fades away and you heart skips a beat as you watch the wind blow Vernon’s hair perfectly as he concentrated on the road. Wow, his forehead is kind of big…but cute in a way. Wait what? Did you just call Vernon’s forehead cute!? You know you’re gazing when Vernon glances over at you.
“What? Is there something on my face or something?”
His laugh makes you blush and you stare down at your lap. Oh gosh, why were you blushing? This would be the time you would punch in the arm, not blush like…like… No. You wouldn’t even utter it in your thoughts. This could not be real. This was your best friend, not some secret school crush.
“Yah Y/N! We’re here.”
You look up to see Vernon already standing outside your car door, holding it open. How much time had actually passed? You get out the car quickly and look at the building in front of you. You don’t see any signs or suggestions that let you know where you are and yet you have an idea of your location. You’re snatched out of your thoughts as a warm hand grasped your cold one. Your heart skips a beat and you turn your head to see Vernon gazing at you with a playful expression.
“You’re probably wondering where we are huh? Come on then.”
He doesn’t let you speak as he drags you to the mysterious building. Opening the door, he lets you enter first then follows behind you shouting in excitement. You roll your eyes feeling a bit more comfortable. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the place is almost completely dark apart from a big disco light in the center of a...rink?
“Vernon, did our mothers really send us to a roller rink?”
Vernon nods his head earnestly. “I’ll admit our moms can be crazy sometimes but they definitely know the fun places.”
You shake your head in disbelief and sigh. This was the dorky Vernon you knew. You suddenly couldn’t believe the feelings you had a few moments ago were from this person in front of you. It made you question your own sanity.
“Let’s just get our skates and get this over with.”
Vernon pouts at you and follows you to the booth. The rink was surprisingly tonight which would be your luck. You ask the guy for you skates while Vernon paid the other attendee. You hardly came here for certain reasons. One because this place was practically pitch black. And the thought of skating around aimlessly didn’t interest you in the slightest. Two was the fact this place was known far and wide where teenage couples came to make out. The place had a policy against personal contact like that, not like it mattered because no one could spot it in the darkness. Very stupid indeed.
Once you two got your skates on tight, you hit the floor. By this time you were feeling a little less comfortable because Vernon insisted on holding your hand. You wanted to say no, you really did. But you thought of how warm his hand against your own. Now you were skating with your best friend like he was actually your boyfriend. Boyfriend…Vernon…boyfriend? Your body suddenly felt heated and you release Vernon’s hand. You skate your way over to the bathroom, without a word, needing to get away from Vernon as fast as possible.
You might as well have been blindfolded as you made yourself to the restroom. Out of nowhere a person dashes in front of you. You lose your balance and fall right on your butt. Hard. The pain is instant as you try to lift yourself up from the ground. You wince in pain as you hear Vernon shout out your name. Half a second later he’s kneeling beside you, his hands running through your hair as skims you over.
“Oh man! Are you okay Y/N? Who did this? Did someone push you?”
You bite your lip as the pain subsides slowly. Why was he acting like you got hit by a car?
“Vernon honestly I’m oka-“
‘Don’t worry Y/N. I’ll get you home right away.”
Before you can utter any protest or move Vernon has wrapped your arms around his neck and lifts you in his arms. You are speechless as Vernon makes sure you’re comfortable before carrying you out the building like a knight in shining armor. You’re still unable to form any words as he places you in the car softly.
“Y/N are you cold?” You watched silently as Vernon shrugged off his blue jacket and threw it around your shoulders. You tried to ignore how tight his white tee hugged his body. You let your head fall as you spot his arms flex when he jumps into the car, starting it.
You are silent the whole ride back and you can tell it only made Vernon more nervous as he pressed on the gas. You found that kind of weird since you were certain you felt even more nervous. You were nervous because your heart skipped a beat every time he whispered everything was gonna be alright. You were nervous because you couldn’t let go of his jacket. You were nervous because you were possibly...maybe...
Vernon’s hand is on your shoulder and you flinch, embarrassed he found you lost in thought again.
“Let’s get you inside. You look really stressed.”
You only nod as you hurriedly walk to your doorstep, eager to make it to your room. You don’t even care that your mother is waiting for you at the door with a smile plastered on her face. Your mind is preoccupied and you don’t even say bye to Vernon before you’re heading upstairs to your room.
You close your door, locking yourself in. You didn’t need any contact right now. Your mind was like a jumbled puzzle of feelings you couldn’t put together. It was too much for your mind and sleep sounded like the best remedy right now. You sigh again and shiver as you wrap Vernon’s jacket tighter around you. You bite your cheek in disbelief and shrug the coat off you letting it drop to the floor. Did he mean for you to keep it? You hoped he didn’t come knocking on your door asking for it. You had a feeling you would be the only one who would feel awkward. You ignore the idea and fall face forward into your bed exhaustion taking over your body. There wasn’t anything that could get you out of this bed. Five minutes later, you had Vernon’s coat off the floor and hanging on your bedpost. Well, almost anything.

Hope you enjoyed!! I'll try to write more Seventeen oneshots in the future ^^

@lopleaf19 @lovemyJhope @JadeOwens @jojojordy2324 Okay ^^ I'll have a sequel up for you guys asap
This is adorable and if there is a sequel can you tag me
I feel this needs a part 2. :D
Yay! ^^
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