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10 Hilariously Wonderful Thoughts Only Stoners Have.
It's 4/20 and whether or not you partake in 4/20 activities doesn't really matter. What does matter is the absolutely wonderful shit that comes out of stoners minds when they are just trying to understand "it". Don't ask me what "it" is because I don't even know, and trust me, I'm sober right now! So for your enjoyment, some of my favorite "stoner quotes" that the Internet has blessed us with.
I'm ROLLLLLING (get it). Any of you guys have some hysterical "life questions" to add to this list?
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I always loved the philosophical aspect of stoners, I just love talking to them
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@merryjayne13 for real it's like they think in another planeeeee when their at that right high. Even if what they say is goofy I'm always like how the hell have I NEVER thought about that
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Ketchup is totally a smoothie if you ask me.
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