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" Mom.. I am not going to die you know? I am just going away for a while ok. Mark says to his mom as they say goodbye at the airport in L.A.."

" I know Yi En but I am your mother and can't help worrying about you.."

" OK you two.. let him go now.. we can go see him whenever you want ok. Don't worry too much he is a grown up man already." dad said.

"Pa take care of her ok please call me all the time.. I have to go now."

"Passengers to Taiwan please aboard gate B2".. on the speakers

Mark wave goodbye to his parents as he walks away with his carry-on luggage. He gets into the airplane and find his seat by the window. Opens his backpack and get his tablet out put his earphones on and starts listening to music as he looks outside the window. .airplane setting off to Taiwan.


(Speaking in cantonese)
"Xin xin I don't want to keep arguing with you please can you just stop?" ...As he walks away to his car.

" Ka Yee! ".

..As Jackson sets off in his car. Jackson and Xin Xin have been in a relationship for a few years.. Jackson sees her more like a sister then a woman and is hard for him to cope with her mood swings and personality. He would prefer to see her as friend. But he is afraid of dessapointing his parents. Jackson gets home..

"Jia Er?! Are you ok?" she ask as mum walks towards him..
"what is wrong? you look up set.".

"is nothing mum . I'll be ok".

"I know there is somethig bothering you. Just talk to me baby.. it might help talking to your mother and she pad his head and fixes the hair on his face and pull his head up.. what's wrong Gaga"

Jackson looks to his mom with a sad face...

" mom ..I am going on a trip for a while.. I just need to be by myself and think what I want to do with my life.. if these is what I want?. Mum you know I like fencing but I also want to do other things and I am not sure I want that as a carrier."

"I understand. .I can't stop you from doing what you like or finding what you want to do with your life. I know you and Xin Xin are not a good match and may be that's the reason why you want some time for yourself. I understand Jia Er."

"I bought a ticket to Taiwan I am leaving today at 2PM .. I will call you mum ok.. please do not worry about me. I have to go to the airport now all my stuff are in the car already. I came by to say goodbye. I love you mum."

They hug and kiss and say goodbye...

(Welcome to Taipei Songshan Airport ).. As both Mark and Jackson get off the aircraft   and walk out all the airport process and get their luggage and start walking out..

Jackson suddenly starts looking for his phone  and look down to find it on his pockets..

Mark is looking down on his phone  to get a different song and both crash with eachother. Mark's phone fell on the floor.

"oh man?!"
Jackson is quick to pick it up and pass it to him saying...

" I am sorry I wasn't looking where I was going."

Mark looks up and say "is ok." . he pulls his sunglasses down a little and they both look  to eachothers eyes. At that moment they both fell a connection they could not explain. But they just ignore it. And look  at eachother again as they kept walking out of the airport.

"What was that...?"

Jackson told himself,

"I felt like goosebumps....weird. why my heart skipped a beat."

touching his chest with a question gesture on his face..and keeps walking out..


I decided to follow the collection after I saw the other chapters
I like where this is going. this is going to be a good one
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