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So this weeks theme is tsundere but I've been doing husbandos and I want to stick with that because it's what I like doing. I don't really like tsundere but I was able to find some that I actually like. It was really hard for me to think of guy tsundere but I think I found some. I don't know if these characters quality as tsundere or not but I don't care I'm putting then on here anyway. For those of you who don't know what tsundere means this is a definition I found. Tsundere: a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

Subaru Kakamaki

Diabolik Lovers So in the anime he only acts means and doesn't really show his sweet side but he does in the game. I really like his character, mostly in the game, and I wish they would have shown more of his personality in the anime. All the guys in this anime are hostile towards Yui but he's the one that reminds me of a tsundere.

Takeru Totsuka

Kamigami no Asobi Susanoo-no-Mikoto the Japanese god of sea and storms. So in the beginning of The anime and game he hates the MC Yui and the only person he acts nice to is his brother Tsukito. But he has a moment with Yui and after that we can tell he likes her. In the anime they never go into their relationship because the game has multiple routes. I love how he starts to smile more later in the anime and he acts nicer even though he started off as a hot head.

Syo Kurusu

Uta no Prince Sama So if you've seen some of my other cards Syo comes up a lot. I just love how cute he is! Even when he gets mad he looks adorable af. In the anime all the boys like Haruka Nanami the MC of this anime. Syo is never mean to her and never gets angry at her. So when it comes to her he is not a tsundere. But I don't ship him and her, I ship Syo x Natsuki all the way. When it comes to how he acts around Natsuki he is a total tsundere. Syo is just a little ball of angry cuteness. I know I said I don't like tsundere but I definitely like Syo.
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@vampireprincess No! He's mine *hiss*
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@JessicaFerrier Nooooo Miiine! *hiss and swipes claws*
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@vampireprincess I will go yandere for Syo-chan.
2 years ago·Reply
@JessicaFerrier I will so go yandere to ! (≧∇≦)/
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@vampireprincess yandere vs yandere, this will be an intense battle and you seem like a formidable foe
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