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I won't always say it. That's a lie I will. I make sure everyone knows I love you. Just like I make sure everyone knows I love them. But saying it get repetitive, in the same way I always ask you to check that the door is locked at night. So I tell you I love you in ways you don't realize.
I love you when I buy your favorite ice cream (the one I hate) just because I want to surprise you. I love you when I do the dishes even when it's your turn. I love you when I let you pick the apps at dinner and let you add some spice to it; mostly because I noticed last time you let me choose. I love you when I cook you dinner every night. I love you when I pick out your clothes because you are already too lazy to get out of bed. I love you when I hold your hand under the table just for a second, because it feels better when no one else knows but us. But mostly, I love you because it is just so damn easy to show you when telling you gets as repetitive as asking you to bring me a glass of water at night, because you sleep closer to the door.
Shout out to any of my other love and relationshipers!! I would love to hear about all the special things you do with your SO!
Our sleeping, eating, and working schedules are TOTALLY opposite so I think we show love every day by all the ways we compromise for each other (like you mentioned with the ice cream, my bf hates mint - HOW CAN HE HATE MINT?!)
@LizArnone GAH! I'm used to the mint choco hate hahah tell your boyfriend that he knows his ice cream! And yeah its more like I prefer to work early in the morning and he works better late at night - we're getting better at it though!
@sophiamor omg that's so funny because mint is the ice cream I get him because he loves it and I HATE IT!! Hahaha opposites attract it seemssss lol! But man that sticks about the work schedules :(