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Hello Z warriors!

Your DBZ moderator here to introduce a new collection to the community!

Mid way through the week as we try to get over the hump I'll have a fun set of mini challenges for you to answer! Every Saturday I write up a detailed challenge and ask everyone to answer it with they're own card. Every so often I find myself coming up with something that just doesn't need a lot of detail. So to get these ideas out there and to help the community buzzing even more I decided to do mini challenges mid week.

Prepare yourself every Wednesday for your mid week mini and look for the title {MWM}. I hope you all enjoy!

This week is an oldie but a goodie.

Which do you prefer the Vegeta's Galic Gun or Goku's Kamehameha?!

Me personally, I prefer the prince's Galic Gun! The way he sets it up and that epic fire! Vegeta shouts as he fires it at his opponent is truly epic!

Which do you prefer? Are you excited for mid week minis? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading everyone and rock the dragon!

I love the Kamehameha because obviously, but I honestly prefer the galick gun's hand placements
Kamehameha, though I also like Vegeta's galic gun
i actually like both but if i have to choose id probably have to say i prefer the kamehameha.
I honestly prefer the kamehameha it's just too og. But I love how the galik gun aura surrounds it's user
@InVinsybll oh man that was sweet, I was blown away
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