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INFINITE "Destiny" Teaser
I was going to bed but then I saw this and now I can't fall asleep... this just screams INFINITE to me and I can't even start to say the things I love about it. Sungjong grows up so well and he looks like a real man now... meanwhile the others are just completely gorgeous (though I had to do double-take and Dongwoo). Screen caps are attached as well. This just makes it more impossible for me to choose my Infinite bias. Good job, guys, good job.
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yaya... i miss INFINITE
4 years ago·Reply
LOVE the teaser. Is L even human he's too handsome for goodness' sake
4 years ago·Reply
@dreamgirl haha. I have to agree on that though... his handsomeness is totally on a different level
4 years ago·Reply