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So thank you to @twistedPuppy for tagging me again. I enjoyed this game, probably more than I should have but meh ╮(─▽─)╭
My Ex is Hobi, wow my bias, just dumped me well that's sad. ╥﹏╥
My Boyfriend, well then Namjoon. I guess you captured my heart with your singing cause damn when you sing it's so beautiful.
My first kiss, huh. To be honest I think that I would let you be my first kiss, and then not have it be weird in the end.
The one that has a crush on me. Aww, Chim Chim I didn't know you felt that way (^~^)
The one that got me pregnant......omg, I hope Namjoon's okay with this. Is this why you broke up with me cause you didn't want your kid???
The one who hates me because I love his best friend, wow I see how it is Jimin. A love-hate relationship is what we have on our hands, wth Jimin.
The one that will kill me because I didn't love him back. O-O Umm, Kookie please don't go yandere on me, I'd rather not die thank you.
The one that fights with my boyfriend over me. Wait so you want me back?! Omg, first you get me pregnant, then leave, and now you're fighting for me with Namjoon?! The mixed signals are real with this one.
The one that kidnaps me with my ex. Hold up, I know we have a love-hate relationship,but was kidnapping me really necessary? And with Hobi too, you know he's your rival if you think about it.
The one who saves me O-O Uh oh. You only saved me so you could kill me right? Omg I got saved just to die ;-;
The one who marries me. Well then. Yoongi you just came out of no where didn't you. Just like how you are with my bias list, man. Bias wreckers am I right?