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Let's see what I got huh o-o Now that I'm able to take screen shots with my phone -3- Thank you @VatcheeAfandi99 for possibly ruining my life :D
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B.... But jin.... QnQ I'm gonna go cry my sorrows away....
Oh! HAAHAHAHAHHAA ok never mind my sorrows magically went away ayyyyyy
Oh... I mean I'm not complaining -kindawisheditwasmyhobsterbutalrightythen-
Stay. In. Your. Lane. BOY! I don't need this in my life alright. @_@
Are you kidding me?! The child will be smarter than me! The hell man! -livehowimnotcomplainingitsnothobislmaowut-
I mean... Pffffffft..... Hold up I'm currently laughing with a migraine lmao this is too much
Dude your my first kiss, my keyboard wall paper... I love you enough to tap -datass- dat face yo. Calm yourself and kiss me again o3o -shot-
Hobi do we need to take you to the therapist? Cause the mirror is shattered all over the floor and your yelling at yourself cause your too handsome and you want me... Like.... You want some psych meds bro?
Did Jin Oppa eat any food before he got kidnapped? I wanna make sure his stomach doesn't get us caught while we escape. Just saying... -thatandiwantedsomefoodbutyouknow...priorities-
Jungkook your literally a child you need to stop. Jin most likely yelled at him cause it's past his bedtime tine and he's kidnapping people. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING KIDNAPPING PEOPLE AT TEN AT NIGHT?! GROUNDED!" Lol
Haha alrighty that was cute and weird all wrapped in one. I didn't even get suga... How in the world that happens I dunno. But like the whole Hobi fight... alrighty
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Thank youuuu!!!! @XionHeart
@EmmaJolie No problem
I really wish my phone would allow me to do the shots. I tried and I get blended ones every time. I now know what a combo of some of the boys look like....eeek.
@JaxomB have you tried to do it on a computer? Sometimes it's easier that way
@XionHeart I just need updated electronics. Hopefully I'll get a new phone for my birthday.