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We're back with another installment of Waifu Wednesday and today it's all about the Tsundere girls! I'm picking 2 for this one because my main choice I've already used for a {WW} cards but I'm going to use her again!!!
My #1 Waifu ever in any category! The Strongest Electromaster herself, the 3rd ranked level 5 esper in all of Academy City, she's the Ace of Tokiwadai, simply known as "Railgun" Misaka Mikoto!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's just to much to love about this girl! One thing is a fact about her, she's not someone you ever want to piss off, with her power she'll turn you into a piece of burnt charcoal in a matter of seconds! Oh but she is so awesome though!!!♡♡♡♡
Here is a girl who will not only make you fall in love with her body but her mind as well! Makise Kurisu also know as Lab Member 004 Christina, or The Zombie as nicknamed by Okabe. Graduating from a University at the age of 17, she is considered a young Genius who took the scientific community by storm with her research on the brains memory retention system (I don't even know what that is!) She is the whole package! She can seduce you with her body and mind! She is also a total nerd in hiding as well as a closet Tsundere!
You bet I'm jealous.!!! Where were you hiding these beauties? I'm definitely gonna check these two shows out.
ohhhh I love stockings