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3. We meet again


Next day Jackson goes down to the indoor pool. Looks around and finds it pretty is indoors but has lots of trees and a glass rooftop.

He lay down in one of the pool chairs. He takes his phone out and earplugs so he can listen to some music. He is nodding his head to the beat of the music and turns around and sees Mark ten feet away from him in another pool chair laying down. he is looking straight up with his glasses on. He appears sleeping ..Jackson can see his face and is stunned by it..

"sigh.. is he a man or a woman? With that face?..He looks like a woman. How can a guy have such a beautiful face"

he keeps staring at Mark's face.

Mark is not sleeping he can feel Jackson staring at him. He can hear Jackson talking to himself. .and smiles..he sits up and takes his glasses off and looks at Jackson.

" Hello"

" oh.. aah..Hi.. sorry I didn't mean to wake you up."

"No you didn't, I wasn't sleeping. ..My name is Mark Tuan. Nice too meet you."

" I am Jackson Wang from Hong Kong. I am here on vacation. "

"Me too I am from L.A. I got here two days ago "

" Oh too".

" I know.."

" you know? how do you know?"

"You accidentally bumped onto me in the airport.. I remember your said you were sorry, that you were not looking at where you were going ?"

Jackson open his eyes wide and feels his heart beats..and remember that moment.. and also remember that he felt quite peculiar when that happened. He can't stop looking at Mark's face. And he noticed that indeed was the same guy..

"I saw you at the palace yesterday you were taking pictures. I did too.."

" oh.. yes I went sight seeing yesterday.. now that you mentioned it there was a guy stalking me... yeah...was that you?"

" hahaha stalking you? are funny, well yes let's put it that way.."

" Why did you come here all the way from America?"

" the place wasn't importan, but I did wanted to start here where my parents comes from.."

" aah ok.."

"What about you? What are you doing here?"

" I just need some time alone away from everything. He takes a breath..and looks down.."

"Hey I am sure everything will work out cheer up.. ok.".... he smiles.

Jackson smiles as well.
" yes thanks. .hey I am going for a ride in the city later would you like to come? I'll love to have some company?"

"ok sure's sounds like you have been here before?"

" yes I always come here, ever since I was a kid dad traveled a lot and he used to come here a lot for turnaments..he was a fencing couch.."

"Intresting..can you do fencing too?"

" of course I have won many tournaments..haha but I am not sure I want to persuit that carrier. .is one of the reason I am here.. I am rethinking choices about my future..and other things."

"well we have something in common then. I am also trying to find something. . I just don't know what yet..haha."

Mark had a smirk on his face..thiking of how strange life is.. how he have met this person, thinking about there is no coincidence in life..things happens for a reason ..he thought to himself.

" What is it? Why you smile like that and look at me like that? please don't tell me you fell in love with me at first sight?" . Jackson says it making a serious face..

"do you always do this funny remarks on people? hahha you are so funny."

Jackson smile..
" well I guess is naturally I just can't stop from saying what's in my mind sometimes. Don't take it serious I was joking."

" I was just thinking of how we met and then we actually meet again and again.. some people will think of this as Fate..

" well.... true..although this is my second time?"

" for me is the third...the third. He says" looking aside..

Jackson just keeps looking at his face stunned by it. At this moment when Mark says; "for me is the third time" Jackson felt his heart beat, he didn't know how to act in front of Mark.

"so let's meet at the lobby around 2 pm ok..after luch." Jackson said with his bright smile.

"I'll see you then .."