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(has chinese subs) and with my korean understanding here is eng subs: The Judge: something like- today at this trial we will give you our desision. PSH: I don't know if this the last time (we will see each other) so I'll give you (eather a) warning or advice. Go Sung-Bin: Even if I am not there(here) (reading what PSH is writing) Ko Sung-Bin: What is that in your bag?(to PSH) PSH: It's nothing,and don't tell anybody (anyone) about it(this) (to Ko SungIBin) Atorney Cha: Are you okey(to JHS),and what is going on here?(to the policemen) The Policeman: Is it realy (could it realy be) like PSH said that this is realy all Min Joon Guks doing? JHS: Did you by any chance met SH today? (JHS to Go Sung Bin) Go Sung-Bin: He (PSH) told me not to tell anyone after I took his bag,but there was something strange in it (to JHS) JHS: starnge,like what?(to Go sung Bi) PSH: I'll do something first,where are you (I believe to Min Joon Guk) JHS: I have to find SH (to atorney Cha)
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thanks much for the preview. GAH. The feeling of suspense >< can't wait til wed