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Monsta X Lovers Game {Day 2 Results}

Sorry for the long wait. I wanted to write scenarios for each one and this is literally my first time doing something like this. I hope you guys like it!

Summer- Beach:

You look at yourself in the mirror to check if everything was in order. Hair- check, Clothes-check, Makeup-check. Everything was looking good, you let out a breath of relief. I can't ruin this one, this guy might be the one. You had already talked with him and knew a little about who he was. He looked cute and you couldn't wait to meet him for your first date. He wanted to meet at the local beach and the fact that he was willing to drive all the way down here just to see you seemed crazy. You checked the time and quickly headed out, luckily the beach was right by your house so it was a quick walk. You both agreed to meet at this beach cabana, you hoped he was at the right one. As you walked nearer to the bar you looked around to see his familiar face. Suddenly you spotted him, he was at the bar and he had sunglasses on but you knew it was him. You walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. The guy turned around with a big smile on his face "There you are! I was beginning to think you wouldn't show." He smiled and you returned it with a grin. "You look great." Your smile got wider "Thanks, I could say the same thing for you.". For the rest of the day you two enjoyed the beach and the last thing you remember was him turning you around as you started up your steps at your home and kissing you good night.

Fall- Cafe Shop:

The bell jingled when you entered the cafe. You took your scarf off as you walked up to the cashier. You ordered your usual order of Choco Bubble Tea and sat in a seat that gave you a look out onto the busy sidewalk. You look at your watch nervously. Is he really going to show up you thought as you sipped on you tea. You've been talking to this guy for awhile now and you both agreed it was time to meet up. You heard a jingle as the door open and you quickly turned around to see who it was. All you saw was a perfect smile as your date sat down in front of you. All you could do for a minute was stare, he coughed awkwardly and then laughed. You snapped out of your trance and smiled embarrassingly. "Sorry about that, its just that, well you know." "Its perfectly fine, I had to do the same thing when I saw you through the window. No wonder I was late, I lost track of time staring at you." You both laughed nervously, he looked at your tea and quickly smiled "You like bubble tea too?" You looked down at your drink "Yeah! I'm in love with it. Do you want to try some? I could order some-" You stopped as he got a straw and took the paper off. "Or I could just share it with you. If that's okay with you.", he grinned. You started to blush "Um...that's....Yeah its fine." He put the straw in the bubble tea and you both started to drink from it. You could see into his eyes, it was so beautiful. That's all you could see until you closed your eyes when he kissed you goodbye, yearning for your next date that was soon to come.

Winter- Ice Skating

You easily slid your feet into your worn out skates, I can't believe I'm actually doing this, as you got up and looked at your the guy standing in front of you. He was smiling as you got up and reached out his hand, "Aww you look so cute." You smiled, Okay maybe I can believe it as you grabbed his hand. You was surprised when he brought up going on a date and that he suggested ice skating. He knew winter was your favorite season but how did he know that ice skating was a childhood favorite of yours. As you both stepped onto the ice, you immediately started to shake and quickly grabbed on the railing, It really has been a long time you though as you tried letting go of the railing. He looked amused as he watched you tried to regain your balance. When you finally could skate without holding the railing he grabbed your hand and started skating around the rink. Without you noticing he grabbed you in a back hug and whispered in you ear, "You know I think you look amazing." You blushed but didn't separate from his embrace as you took in what he just said. "Thanks" you whispered as you turned around unexpectedly and hugged him which wasn't the best idea as you both felled down on the ice. Luckily he turned you around before you could hit the ice. You was on top of him and all you could do was laugh, he soon join in and for the first time in your life you felt like you met someone who actually understood you. Next thing you know your lips was against his and for awhile you forgot everything except for him. It was feeling that you would continue to experience throughout the night.

Spring- Picnic

You walked in the park with curiosity and determination. You had never went to this park and your reluctantly agreed to meet him here when he suggested it. However, you find it romantic that he wanted to have a picnic so you was excited. He said that he'll be near the entrance so you looked around and your eyes caught at quilt on the ground with a guy on it. I guess that him you thought, you walked over and tapped his shoulder. The guy turned around and all you could see was his beautiful smile that had you hypnotized until you looked at his face. He was certainly good looking as you sat beside him smiling. You looked at the food he had brought, you saw all kinds of fruits and little sandwiches. The guy stared at you while laughing, "Sorry if you don't like it. I didn't know what you wanted so I just guessed." You quickly picked up a strawberry, "Oh its fine, I love fruit." You ate the strawberry and he laughed. "Well I'm glad you like it" he said as he picked up the strawberry and started to eat it. You couldn't help but stare at his lips as they wrapped around it. Woah, snap out of it, you getting a little too frisky you thought to yourself. During the rest of the date however, things only got romantic and somehow you both managed to stay there for the whole day. When everything was packed back up, you was trying to get the courage to ask for a second date when he suddenly kiss your lips. As you returned it, you realize you didn't have to.
I hope you enjoyed this extra special day b/c it probably won't ever happen again. I'm horrible at writing xD. Day 3 will be uploaded soon!!
MinHyuk and the cafe.....yep, that does sound like him.
@JohnEvans No problem!
@MsLoyalHeart Thank You :)
You did really well I squealed when I read mine!
OMG! A cafe fits fall so well. Plus I can totally see Wonho fitting into that scene perfectly.
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