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Meant to do this a week & change ago then life happened lol. Original Card & Tagged By: @AmieeH I know other people tagged me as well so thank you to all who did.
Hyukkie!! Can I borrow your notes? I was distracted yesterday so mine are gibberish.
No distracting me today, Hyuk won't let me borrow notes forever!
Of course I let my boyfriend cheat off of me, won't do to have him failing. lol!
Bean!! We're still on for catching a movie later right? Shh Ravi! He's my bestie, stow the green eyed monster.
Yay!! My bestie lets me cheat off of him! Thank goodness, because I didn't study for this test.
Omo!! Bean!! Wae?! Now it's gonna be weird isn't it??
Hongbin concentrate on the task at hand, I'm here strictly for schoolwork.
This explains why we get away with cheating & why we get partnered for projects. You're not slick Bean, I'm watching you.
Well sugar honey iced tea!! *grabs shovel & starts digging my own grave* This isn't going to end well...
N? A bully? Wae?! I would rather be friends.
@EliseB HAH right!! Holy he'll XD
@AimeeH I'd say he was successful lol!
XD OMG he wanted to dominate your results! XD
@EliseB yah Lol
A lot of Hongbin 😂
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