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So I was born with BRIGHT orange hair.

I was always told that if I dyed it, my mom would pretty much kill me (lol?) so the most I've done is dyed a tiiiiny piece of it mint green for a while.

Now, I'm seriously thinking of dyeing my hair this summer and I want your opinions!

I'd like to try an ombre...with my natural hair fading into a rose gold at the tips!

Who is my color inspiration you ask?

I'd like to dye my whole head if I wasn't so afraid of hating it/my mother disowning me haha

I think ombre could be a good test?

What do you think!?

@XionHeart @MinDeji @MrsJungHoseok @OhItsJas @EliseB @Ercurrent @ARMYStarlight @Chrissy2009 @Deluzional @resavalencia you guys should totally post pics of your hair!!! I need inspiration LOL. Why do you all have such cool colored hair???!!!!
I changed my hair because of Yoongi to 😁 ! My opinion ???? I say go for it try new things because you know why?? INFIRES MAN INFIRES!
@kpopandkimchi I also say go for it! Its your hair! And if you do, please upload a picture so we can see how it came out! :)
go for it love... YOLO.... 💖💖💖
I love the idea of the ombré! You HAVE TO show us when you get it done! 😍
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