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4. Out and about

He hums I need a girl from BigBang as he gets ready. He looks at the mirror and fixes his hair and eyebrows. He checks his outfit again..

"Geessh..why do I feel like I am going on a date or something?"
He's shrugs his shoulders and shaking it real fast... aaah nodding his head saying goosebumps.. suddenly, he stops and think quick about it and frowns his foredhead, pouts his lips...but just keeps going out the door.


He takes a look at the mirror real quick no concerns about how he looks.. picks up his phone and his sunglasses and walks out the door..
Both come down to the lobby walking from different sides. They catch their eyes and wave at each other.
" hey.. are you ready? Let's go"

" nods his head..OK"

Jackson unlocks the car door and gets in, Mark follows, asking him.

"You really know your way around here. You even rented a car? "

"since I dont know how long I might stay.. is just better for me I dont like to take public Transportation in foreign countries . And yes I know of my way around here. My dad used to travel a lot as fencing couch and I use to go with him. Since I was part of the team as well."

"So, You really do fencing? Wow impressive. .did you stop.?"

" well after my dad suddenly died I kind of gave up on it.. that's one of the reason I am here to sort things out in my life."

Jackson stopped the car after driving for few hours. Which pass real fast as they talked about themselves and getting to know each other. they get out of the car Jackson suggesting to walk from this point on.. they walk to a rural area looks like a Taipei national park. Lots of trees and plants and flowers and historical building. some pathsight have cherry blossoms sides to sides.. they walk through there as Mark takes lots of pictures enjoy himself.

"wow come see this Jackson.. this view is amazing. ."
Jackson hears Mark called his name but he is just dumbfounded by Mark's face. And can't stop thinking about that day he crashed Mark at the airport, now he is with him here again. Like if they have known each other for a long time.

" Jackson?! " Marks called and looks back too see him. "Come see."

Jackson Walks slowly and stops right next to him. Looking to his eyes ,then Jackson just can't help to look at his face again.. keeps looking at his lips and nose he keeps looking at his skin. His hair. Jackson blinks few time. He feels his heart beats again. suddenly he wakes up again. Tells himself to snap out of it.
Meanwhile Mark is noticing that Jackson keeps staring but does not say a word..then ...

" if you keep looking at me like that I am the one who is going to think that you have fallen for me real deep." looking into Jackson's eyes..

Jackson keeps his eyes put looking straight to Mark's eyes as well.

"would that be" he keeps looking at his eyes.
" would that be weird?"..Mark finishes the sentence. .
"Well What do you think?" And smiles he keeps walking..
"this place is amazing."

" Ok?" Jackson says looking at him.

"Jackson..what's your phone number? let me have it just in case."

"sure just give me your phone I'll input it there.."

" is in my back pocket can you take it I don't want to missed this view".. as he is holding on to the camara.

Jackson looks at his back pocket and sees the phone, but he is afraid of touching Mark. . He doesn't know what else he would feel himself by touching Mark. So he takes a breath. Hesitantly tries to take it..

"Oh please go ahead I won't bite you. .I promise. Haha."

Jackson takes the phone and inputs his number and add it to the contacts. He write Jackson 3rd time..and smile to himself. .He puts the phone back into Mark's back pocket.
" aren't you hungry Mark? I am starving..let's go eat.."

"Yes I am starving too. .let's go.."

They walk back to the car and head back to the city..

" when are you going back to America?"

"I am not sure.. I just got here 3 days ago..."

" right. .but when are you planning to go back?"

Mark just doesn't know how to answer because he really doesn't know when is he going back?. he only knows that something inside him brought him here to Taiwan and that's where he needs to be right here and right now..

"I don't know where I am going next but so far this is where I need to be.. I don't know until when..what about you?"

" I am going back to Hong Kong in few weeks I guess. My mom is waiting for me and I don't want to leave her alone for a log time.."

"that's good." Mark replies.
They are back to the city is already night time and they can appreciate the city night in Taipei. Jackson parks the car and gets out ..Mark follows.

" I use to come to this restaurant with my dad.. food is really good here.." as they walk in to the restaurant. .

they sit by the window they can see people walking by and the cars passing. There is lots of people aglumarated in the other side of the street. But they don't pay attention to it and make their order. They talk more about things they like Jackson said he likes music a lot and he use to sign for his family when he was a kid and they would get together..Mark tells him that he loves sports and he likes to listen to music he never thought of singing before.
They finish the food and head out. Jackson feels curious of what's going on in the other side of the street.

" Mark let's go check what's going on over there."

They cross the street and see lots of younger boys and guys their age dancing and practicing and there is a poster saying JYP Etertainments Audition, the days where today and tomorrow last day.

" Mark..I want to do this..look like an opportunity it's what I was telling you about just now. .what if I can become a singer.?"

Mark smiles and tells him . ." do it! first find out if you still can, It says last day is tomorrow.."

" come with me please."

Jackson and Mark go inside the building to find information and they still have space for tomorrow's oudition. They said they are looking for two more guys to be part of a group of 7 guys. Jackson need to come prepare to show his dance skills, singing skills and more..