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Welcome to the Monsta X Cafe!! We're glad to have you. Before we go any further I would like to introduce you to the employees of this fine establishment.

We have SHOWNU

Ask him anything and he'll get it for you( he'll also look cute doing it)


He will put an immediate smile on your face. (Just don't talk to the other members too much. He gets jealous really quickly)

We have WONHO

His sexiness is something that will have you coming back. Try to ignore the choker, No one told him he couldn't wear it.

We have KIHYUN

He will make sure your order is prepared just the way you(he) likes it. You(he) will never be disappointed.


His face will probably be the cutest thing you ever see in your life. The glasses are just extra.

Next is I.M

He may be the youngest but he will try his best to give you the best service.(Try not to make eye contact, he gets nervous real easy) Its cute though....

Last but not least is HYUNGWON

Don't be surprise if he sits down and stares at you. He's just checking if you like the food or not. Its perfectly normal...right?
I would go to this cafe every day!!! Who's with me?? They all look so cute.
Monster Monbebes Squad: @MonAnnahiX @Zxenna
Credit to owners of gifs
that would be the perfect cafe to spend my days at >♡<
Only on Sundays. That's when they're off xD @PrettieeEmm
@mycreativename @MelissaGarza I would probably sit at a different spot everytime I went there so I could see every member xD
@MelissaGarza honestly that's what I'd do too cx
oh yeah! I'll be there every day. I'll be drinking coffee or what ever is cheap so I can go every day. 😂
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