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@ColtonGudgel @acduelest you guys are like taking this so serious. ._.' I kind of agree and disagree with one of your comments (which I don't want to say) but it's the word "IF" we're talking about and we don't really know if Luffy will get married or not I mean who knows he might get married like Roger when he's a fully grown pirate and all but since Oda is planning on making much more episodes for us to watch (and the manga updates and I'm still waiting dudes) thought, I'm actually pretty glad I watched One Piece. ._. Anyways, seriously, we don't know IF Luffy were to either marry a woman and have a child and go through what Roger did since he had that disease and same with Luffy (spoiler) when Ivankov injected the cure into him, Ivankov mentioned that he life has decreased for ?? years so it's like Roger having to deal with the disease as Luffy had to deal with that too but we know Luffy he doesn't really care unless he does. :I So yeah, if Luffy ever had a wife and a child, it'll be one hell of a family. Just wanna comment what I feel like saying, fams. ;-; *crawls out of the seriousness side*
He said it kinda rude tho it was funny
son or not always watch you food around luffy
I feel like I'm far too entertained by the fact that it's "chip," singular
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