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Curt Schilling, who is remembered as a Boston hero, has worked as an analyst for ESPN after his retirement from baseball.

But his career after baseball did not go too smoothly.

Just last year, he was suspended from ESPN for tweeting a meme comparing Islamic extremists to Nazis.

And just like that, Schilling could not help himself but post this on his Facebook.

Schilling deleted the photo moments after the post went viral.

Gotta say this is a pretty disgusting anti-LGBT post. ESPN released a statements earlier today saying "ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding ESPN's decision and Schilling's choice to put up these posts. Some baseball fans are saying Schilling can say whatever he wants due to his freedom of speech rights, while others are saying ESPN made the right decision to fire him for his inappropriate actions.
I stand with ESPN's decision to fire him. The comments, posts, he made are totally inappropriate and it's not a matter of freedom of speech. It's a matter of respect for others.

Baseball fans, what are your thoughts on this issue?

He should've been fired last year
He definitely deserved that. Respected him as a player..not so much as a person.
Imo you should be able to say or post whatever you want, but as a representative of his employer he went over the line. His termination was definitely warranted.