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One thing every makeup lover dreams of is non-oily skin and that's why we have a little something called a primer. While primers can run you an arm and a leg, there are several affordable alternatives that will still give you the flawless finish you're looking for.
We've all heard of using milk of magnesia and calamine lotion, but there are still a few products out there that will probably have you scratching your head in amazement. If you're in need of a good primer, but prefer not to spend big money on something you could get for cheap, keep scrolling and check out the two primer alternatives in the video below.

Would you give one of the two a try with your makeup routine?

haha, I can definitely understand that @primodiva93
Naw. I'm not a man so I don't need to cover my fave in shave balm lol and stretch mark cream is for stretch marks. I rather spend and a little extra for actual primer.
omg, I had Palmer cocoa butter when I'm pregnant but apply it on my face as a primer? nope. too greasy and I don't want smell like masculine so, no to after shaved nivea too. I bought Loreal magic base primer that I think can last longer for a year so it's worth it to spend some money on it.
I'm going to have to look into the loreal primer. I wasn't expecting the cocoa butter to be shiny. yuck!!