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AIGHT. So maybe I wasn't here or I didn't see a card of him leaving or something... or he got a new account. BUT. Where did Danse go? y'know... the best yaoi provider I know ;-; He hadn't been updating and all the cards I clipped from him are gone Dx wut happened If he has a new account... tell me plz. I'm sorry I personally haven't been updating... school and family gets me super duper depressed ;-;
I miss him too! Such a kind-hearted person :(
@EmmaJolie I hoped I was wrong too but alas :( :( i haven't been able to find them & didn't hear from them before they left either :( :(
I was wondering the same thing :( I miss his charisma in the anime community
I thought I was the only one wondering this 馃槙 awwwww hope he comes back.
@hikaymm This is upsetting. But thank you very much for at least telling me something :c I just hope their okay. @EmmaJolie I feel ya bro... I fell ya 馃槩
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