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I found a website being featured on Dramafever. It's KOREAN SNACKS from Snack Fever. It looks fun as well as affordable.
1st: Choose what size of box you would like. There is the mini box, the original box, or the deluxe box. They go by weight, which means it depends on the size and weight of the snacks.
2nd: Choose your plan. Whether you want to pay monthly, every 3 months, or every 6 months. Each Box has its own plan. ***The pricing in the pictures are for the mini box***
Lastly, just enter your address and payment info and your all set. Yum. Snacks from South Korea. If you don't live in a big city, like me, this is something worth trying.
@Tigerlily84 Mmmm ramen
@Matokokepa I also love the special ramyeon boxes they do. And the Korean holiday boxes.
@Tigerlily84 Thanks. I am waiting anxiously. I should have ordered it a long time ago.
I hope you enjoy it! I love it! They have all kinds of special boxes too.
We love our boxes!