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5. Audition

" Mark this is awesome.!!"

"I am very happy for you.  I hope you make it".. They start walking get  to the car and Jackson  is all excited about this.

" Wow.. I don't have time for anything  but I just want to try any tomorrow but is OK I'll figure something out."

"let's just get the song track of a song that you already know of and so you can sign it."

" Yes that's a good idea..let's do that I know this song that I like very much  is call 'Silence' Is in Chinese tho, but it doesn't  matter right? They just need  to listen to me singing."

" Ok let's go back to the hotel and see if we can download  the  sound track for that.." Mark tells him.

They are entering the parking lot  of the hotel.. they get off and go up to Mark's room..Mark  opens the door and says welcome, showing  him the way in..Jackson  smiles and says thank you. Mark gets his laptop and a USB from his backpack..he starts  searching for the sound track of the song.  

" here it is it this one? Listen to it" Jackson close his eyes and start listening  to it and says.

" yes that's the one.. I own you so much thank you, thank you Mark."

Mark: smiles.. you will pay me later..hahaa. so you need to practice now.. you have all night and morning. .fighting."

Jackson  stars practicing Mark is listening he is amazed by his voice. He wouldn't  imagine  that he could  sing.

" Mark I will need your help to do this"

" What!!? How? I can't  sing?!"

"You don't  have to say much look search  for the lyrics ok"

 " Ok"

Mark helps him featuring the rap part.. while he sings the song.. they practice all night  till it came out perfect. They still singing it and Mark already know of his part..they are looking into eachother eyes while they practicing next to each other in the cauch. Listening  to the soundtrack. .is almost  done.. Mark can listen to his heart  beats while listening to Jackson singing  the song. Mark looks at Jackson's lips..Jackson appears to pull closers or Mark is getting closer to him as well. At that moment where  there is no more room but for their own breath Suddenly Jackson  closes his eyes and touches Mark's lips.. Mark kisses him back while holding Jackson's face. Jackson  does the same and hold Mark's  face too. At that moment  Jackson  stop too look at Mark's eyes..and  kiss him again. Mark  does the same holding eachother ..again, and again, kiss and kiss. .Jackson  is already  on top of Mark and keep kissing him. They both can feel their hearts beating faster  and faster..

Jackson stops to breathe " Oh God".. and keeps kissing and touching Mark's face and pulling his hair.

Do you want to stop? Mark's whispers while panting.

" No."

Next morning ..

Mark softly opens his eyes to find himself comfortably embracing this person who he  strangely finds very familiar. His head is on Jackson's tummy. He can appreciate  Jackson perfectly built-up  abs. And caress them..Jackson  opens his eyes to the touch  of Mark's fingers counting his abs. Jackson moves a little  finds it ticklish and smile. Marks looks up and finds Jackson's  smiley  face. Jackson touches Mark's hair softly and pulls him up to give  him a kiss..

" Good morning sunshine."

" sunshine??? Haha"

"To my eyes you truly are beautiful.."

Mark can tell he is honest to what he is saying and kiss him back..

" let's get ready we need to go..and we need some breakfast  first.."

" Well I need a BIG! breakfast.. haha"

"ha haha. ." both laugh.

They shower and Jackson heads  to his room to get a change  of clothes. Soon. They meet for breakfast and head to JYP Auditions.

"did you bring the soundtrack? " Jackson ask.

"of course.." Marks replies.

" I am getting a little  nervous. I never thought  for a moment that I would be doing this. Actually I never  thought of all this to happen".. as he signals to both of them referring to what has happened the night before.

he looks at Mark's  eyes with a longing expression on his face of what had happened the night before..Mark looks at him the same, biting his bottom lip and sighs.

" This is not the moment to get like this we have time to talk about it later when your audition is over..OK"... Mark can read what Jackson tried to say already.

They are waiting looking at all the presentations and watching them dance and listening to their song..

"Wow.. they are all good.".. Jackson comments looking at bit worry.

" Hey! You are good too  ok. .plus keep this in mind look at all those participants  and JYP is only going to choose two of you guys..OK so don't  worry.. the important thing here is that you will try .. doing what you like to do ok.. plus.. I am here right next to you.. I'll  be your wing man ..haha "

" thanks man.. you have no ideal what this means to me.. especially  right at this moment. .all, all of it.."

Jackson Wang!..

"ok.. let's go.."

So they go down to the stage Mark walks to technician in charge of the soundtracks. He gets it ready.. and walks to the side, he picks a mic and waits for Jackson to start..

JYP: "What is this a duo?"

" Well the song I'll  be singing has a rap featured part and he will be helping me..if that's OK "

JYP: "really? interesting OK let's move on. "

So they start playing the Silence soundtrack. And Jackson  started singing along  with Mark featuring his part, as they sing they keep walking towards  eachother. Jackson can't help but to just look at Mark. It made him feel better and forget about all the people looking at him. He felt like if there was only Mark and Jackson on stage at that moment as he was singing  Silence. In the end when he finish the song he said. "wo ai ni " And kept looking at Mark and Mark just smile back.

JYP: " haha..You make a good couple." 

bowing ..."thank you"

" thank you.." Marks softly said to JYP.

Both of them assume JYP  was talking about their singing  together..but he actually felt the connection  between them. Both of the went up and sat down again  with the others  to wait for JYP to pick the last 2 members of the group.
hours passed.

Audition Was over  and they have  sent home  everyone. Mark and Jackson  were dozing after all they weren't able to sleep well last night with the practicing and everything  else. So they were leaning  against  eachother asleep.

 JYP:  "coughs" excuse me guys? Wake up..

Jackson wakes up startled. .then Mark wakes up.

Mark: " is it over yet?"

JYP: yes it is over I got 7 members  alredy hopefully would be my lucky 7 members..haha

Jackson : "ok.. thanks for everything  then, we will be going now. Pleasure to meet you..sir."

Jackson start walking pulling Mark with him. 

JYP : "where are you going?"

Jackson :  "well we are going back to the hotel now it was great experience. .thanks again."

JYP : "But, I chose  you. .I want you in my GOT7 group.."

Jackson  eyes got wide open and he shook Mark's by his shoulders and laughed so hard of excitement and he started dancing like very impressive moves. 

JYP : "well very good and you what is your name..?"

Mark: "I am Mark Tuan nice to meet you."

JYP : "I would like you to join  us too Mark."


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