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So from Bts, I ship you with Jungkook. Since you both like to play video games, I think you guys would just be so cute together. I can see you on his lap and just chilling and playing video games together and you telling your day while he listens to you :).
From Exo, I ship you with Chanyeol (my hubby <3). I ship you him because you both love to make people laugh and happy. You guys would just be so cute, the happy virus couple. 馃槉
From Got7, I ship you with Jackson! I would say it's nice to see an aggressive couple, since your both pretty competitive. Like I could totally see all the play fights you guys have with each other.
@CrookedShadow I'm so glad you love it, it made my day to hear that this made your day <3
Ahhhhhh I love it!!! Jungkook and Chanyeol are both my bias so when I saw this I got really happy!! I love the line where you said, "the happy virus couple." That's so cute cx And I would love to play fight with Jackson!!! And play video games while cuddling with Jungkook!!! Ahhhh this made my day, thank you so much!
@EmmaJolie I can make you one if you fill this form out :) https://www.vingle.net/posts/1532426
Could you make one of these for me if I post the link in these comments to a card about me?
There. That good enough? @YoonminTrash