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BAP WON! Since many people requested Yongguk I decided to find myself an Imagine for him. I hope you enjoy it!
Dating a gangster was pretty hard at times. Especially when your boyfriend is the leader of the baddest gang in the city of soul.
“Hey jagiya I have to go ill be back in a little bit” Yongguk said placing a kiss on your lips before running off to god knows where. You sighed realizing you were all alone sitting on the couch at the gangs place. Standing up grabbing your sweater and wrapping it around you body, you walked outside to take a little stroll.
Thoughts ate at your mind. You truly love being with yongguk but you constantly worried about him. Though you were never really familiar with all of his doings in the gang, you couldn’t help but wonder at what really happens when he says he’ll be back in a bit or when he says he’s ‘running some arons’. He’s always coming home with bruises and busted lips which hurt you more than it should. “I do what I do to protect you _______-ah” His words always floating through your mind.
Suddenly you heard faint footsteps snap you out of your thoughts. You looked behind you and saw nothing. Walking faster, you rounded a corner taking a short cut back to were you came from, but that didn’t work out to well. Two tall figures appeared down the alley way, panicking, you turned around only to be face with another tall figure but this one you recognized on the spot.
Hoon. The leader of the rival gang. Cautiously you started stepping back as much as you could until your back hit a hard surface. It was the chest of one of Hoon’s little minions. “Look what we have here, isn’t it little old _______, who just so happens to be Yongguk’s girl.” Hoon said pushing you to the floor. “Get away from me” You yelled trying to get up. only to be kicked in the stomach sending you back to the cold hard ground.
Reaching down and grabbing a fist full of you hair he yanked you up bringing his face close to yours. “Where’s your little boyfriend now? You think he can protect you when he has no idea whats happening to you right now?” He said yanking at you hair harder. “S-stop” you said clawing at his hands. “Aww little bitch thinks she stands a chance. Sorry to break it to you babe but your fucked” He said hitting you sending you to the ground. Everything suddenly became dark as you drifted off into the unconscious world.
You woke up to your head banging and pain searing through your whole body. “Aw look who decided to wake up. Time to call you boyfriend.” Hoon smirked grabbing your cell phone calling yongguk’s number. You looked around the room. It was dirty, blood stained and gross. ” _______! _______! Where Are You?!?!” Yongguk’s voice sounded through the speaker on your phone. “Aww don’t worry, that little girlfriend of yours here save and sound might I add a couple of bruises to the story.” Hoon smirked. “You leave her alone you bastard” Yongguk screamed. “And what are you going to do about it?” He said grabbing a fist full of your hair. “Ow!” You screamed out in pain as he dragged you across the room. “I want the money or this girl of you never makes it out alive.” Hoon said snapping a photo of you. All beaten up and bleeding in numerous places.
Taking the phone off of speaker and placing it to his ear he smirked hearing Yongguk give into his request. “Come on, were going on a little trip. Lets hope you make it out alive” He said smirking roughly grabbing you and dragging you off to a black van literally throwing your fragile body into the back.
Curling up into a ball in a corner you cried all you had left in you, scared to death. After what seemed like hours, you final made it to your destination. The bright light blinded you when Hoon and his bastard gang members opened the door to the van up. Brutally one of then grabbed you yanking you harshly along the abandoned subway. There you and the rest of them waited. Occasionally you get hit or yelled at during the wait. After forever, you saw 6 figures walking fast towards your direction. You recognized them right away b.a.p was finally here. Your angry boyfriend stormed up brutally slamming a case full of what you presumed to be money. You felt a cold object be place to the side of your head. “There’s your damn money you bastard” Yongguk yelled. When he noticed the gun to your head and Hoon standing there smirking he lost it. “Give me my girl back” he screamed grabbing Hoon by the shirt.
“Now yonggukie you might wanna take your hands off of me, her life is in my hands” Hoon smirked. “Y-Yongguk” you said weakly as tears stung your eyes. “Shut up!” Hoon yelled making his guy press the gun harder against your temple. “You wanted the money so there it is, now give me my jagiya” yongguks voice boomed through the area.
“I suppose I’ll be fair this time around” Hoon rolled his eyes signaling for you to be let go of. Throwing you towards Yongguk the rival gang walked away. “______, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault” Yongguk said wrapping his arms around you making you feel safe again.
“I-It’s okay” you cried into his chest. “I love you so much I’m so sorry jagiya” he said holding you as close as possible.
Taking you back to the gangs headquarters he got you cleaned up. Laying you in bed next to him, you cuddled up close to him not wanting to ever be separated from him again. “I’m sorry _______-ah is all my fault, I’m the reason you were put in this stuation” he said for the millionth time. “Yongguk it’s okay. I’m safe now and that’s all that matters right?” You said crying once more “I love you so much ______ I shouldn’t have let that happen to you” he said. “But you saved me Yongguk. I love Yongguk and being with you is worth it! Now stop apologizing, because your my hero” you said placing your lips on his. He saved you, he’s your protector, “I love you Yongguk” you said breaking the kiss. “I love you too jagiya”

CREDITS: get-some-kpop-in-ya-life

I'm sorry if it wasn't to your liking I'm kind of crammed for school so I tried my best to find a long one :)
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Lol for a minute there I thought it was gonna be One Shot all over again 😭😭 then they made the switch like they were supposed too so alls well!! 😂😂 love it!
awsome! ! !
*le dies*
Need a part 2! Revenge time!
I loved it!! ♥︎
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