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CNBlue members show concern for their youngest member, Lee Jung Shin. The band’s bassist, who is currently in the cast of the soon-to-premiere historical drama “The Blade and Petal,” (also known as “Sword and Flower”) revealed this at the drama’s press conference held in Seoul on July 1. “The other members (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk) are very worried,” Lee Jung Shin said. “We are currently going on a world tour, and we have a tour in Japan. The schedules for drama filming will overlap. They are concerned for my health, that I won’t be able to eat right and will have no time to rest.” In addition, the bassist also spoke about his preparation for his character, a swordsman named Si Woo. He said, “I acted in a modern drama and now I am acting in a drama that was based on history. There is the burden of history and it’s at first strange. Also, I was in a weekend drama, but since this is an evening drama, I’m taking on the challenge to learn a lot.” In the drama, Lee Jung Shin’s character Si Woo is revealed to have feelings for the princess protects, played by Kim Ok Bin. He is the third wheel to the love that blossoms between the princess and Yeon Choong, played by Uhm Tae Woong. “The Blade and Petal” premieres on KBS2 on July 3. http://www.soompi.com/2013/07/01/cnblue-members-are-worried-for-lee-jung-shin/
Me too, they always say minhyuk is the junior or the maknae. And yes someone told me that hes not. Lol. Anyways, JungShin Fighting!!!!
wow.I'll be looking forward to this.
@thatkdramalover @chasinghapiness wow really? I've always thought that min hyuk is the youngest too O.o
@thatkdramalover I swear everyone thinks Minhyuk is the youngest, including me until someone corrected me. Turns out Minhyuk is a June baby while Jungshin is September ><
aww i hope he gets better, hwaiting! btw i though min hyuk was the youngest one? He always looked like the youngest so i just assumed he was
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