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The Simpsons Kids Make An Intense Self-Realization.
Nothing's more awkward than looking in the mirror and not knowing where your Simpson spikes start or end. (Also how is it that they've all pretty much stayed the same age for nearly 30 years?)
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@SeoInHan LOL That's always my logic too. Like how Saved By The Bell was the longest time spent in high school ever.
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@ShinigamiSan The Simpsons and Pokemon should do a crossover episode.
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@BeannachtOraibh LMAO I didn't notice that until just now.
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@danidee you took my joke......Ash traded his secrets with them
2 years ago·Reply
@Stevenb1990 @danidee @SeoInHan @BeannachtOraibh You're all wrong, all of them Ash included live in Neverland (Not the ranch.)
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