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So I was telling a friend a story yesterday and used the word 'wet nap' to describe the item pictured above.

You guys, she had NO CLUE what I was talking about.

And it made me realize that, depending on where you're from, they're called very, very different things.

So I thought I could ask YOU guys to see what YOU call them!

Are they:

A. Moist towelettes?

B. Wet naps?

C. Wet tissues?

D. Wet wipes?

E. Water towels?

F. Something else entirely?

Let me know what YOU call them in the comment section below.

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baby wipes or wet ones
2 years ago·Reply
As a kid, A; now, D
2 years ago·Reply
D. always and forever
2 years ago·Reply
didn't know there are many other ways to call it. in South Korea we call it 물티슈/multishu/ which means water tissues. Personally I call it as C or D
2 years ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply