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Hey guys! AUGHead here after a long hiatus. Today my post is about One Piece. Particularly about Gol D. Roger. So earlier i came across a link to reddit which talked about Roger and whether or not he had a Devilfruit power, And the first thing that came to mind was "Gomu-Gomu." Why? Because it was from Shanks that luffy "accidentally" received his Gomu-Gomu powers. Shanks was also a part of Roger's old crew when he was alive. This is all PURE SPECULATION and its just a feeling I have that Shanks searched for that fruit after Roger died. Meh pure speculation xD
have a great day! ^-^v peace peeps
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that got ne thinkin because the only way for someone to know what the power is of the devil fruit they must consume it and being shanks already knew what it was Roger may have had it
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Ahh. I love hearing others One Piece theories. XD I have never thought of Roger having the Gomu Gomu fruit! I always assumed he was like Shanks.. Badass and powerful without any devil fruit abilities. But, like you said, speculations.
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yes. im also thinking Shanks intended for Ace to inherit the power, that being the reason he went there. idk xD
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