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Mark: "Me!?"

JYP: "Yes you.."

Mark: "No no. .I was here just to assist Jackson I wasn't auditioning. May be you misunderstood.."

JYP : " Yes I know but I am interested in You too..hey just think about ok. We will be leaving Saturday  to Korea."

Jackson: " What? On Saturday?"

JYP: "Yes the Boys are there already at the dorms they  have started  their training alredy.."

Jackson: "but this is so suddenly can I meet you there in 2 weeks?"  He ask with a puzzled  expression on his face and looking at Mark.. Mark just pressed his lips of disappointment and smiles.

Mark: "Hey Jackson  this is your opportunity ok do not missed opportunities like  this one. .ok.."

Jackson: "but , but,..sigh"

JYP: "So.. what's going to be.. are you in or out? We have to travel this have till then to think about it.. I meet you here at this time all the information  is in this package ok.. hope to see you both"

Both Mark and Jackson  Walk out of the building not as happy as they thought  they would be..the atmosphere turned uncomfortable there were feeling of despaired between them.. they did not know how to handle  this situation. They were both new to this feeling and they both wanted to explore it more.. but with JYP offer and Mark not wanting  to go, it was harder on Jackson.

"Mark.." looking right to his eyes.. "are you going to come with me? he wants you too"

"This is something  that  wasn't on my plans .. well I never even thought  about it. And is hard for me to decided too."

"I know we just met .. but.. Well you know .. I ..I think well...I."

"I know .. I feel the same way.. is also hard for me.. is also hard for me to believe it. but I don't fight against it I can tell you what I feel.. I do feel attracted to you a 'man' yes."

And he smile when he says those words and sigh again .. like if he Can't believe  it himself either. .Jackson  is looking down and frown his a sad expression. .

" is not that I can't say it is just that I never thought  something like this could happened to me.. I can't deny  what I feel I know "..  
He says that with a smirk on his face..

"this ... this that I am feeling  it started the first time I saw can I diny it? I don't want  you to feel like if I don't accept you.. because  is not like that..but, we just found eachother and I have to go?"

" Hey...we can always  call eachother or visit eachother."

"you think I will be able  to do that on training? I won't be able to travel for a while I am sure..and right now" ...

Jackson  moves close to Mark so close that he can breathe Mark's air..and whispers looking into his eyes.

" I don't think I can let you go right now.. I just want to be with you"
Jackson is looking down again  and says "I just want to stay with you"
grabbing  Mark's shirt.. Mark touches his face. Add pulls it up.

" look at me"..he says with his radiant  smile. ."even if I can't be with you for now.. I am not going anywhere." He says and takes  Jackson's hands and place it on his chest by his heart.

 "That's what my hearts wants.. That's what I feel."

Jackson touches Mark's soft face and grab  his neck pulls him close for a hug and Kissed him hard. Jackson pulls back and bites  his own lips looking at Mark's  lips..

"I am really, really going crazy right now.. you know?"

" things  will work out.. let's go because I am hungry and tired.. I need to sleep"

" Me too let's go." Jackson replies holding Mark's hands and walking to the car.

They went to the same restaurant across the street from JYP Audition and have something to eat..they try not to talk about their feelings ..Mark tells him he wish to go see more places for his pictures collection. And he also wants to go visit the city were his parents come from..Jackson  listen but with a sad expression  on his face.. not wanting all that to actually  happened. . Because he would like to do all that with him. They finish eating  and head to the hotel. Is about 8: 00 at night. They only have 2 days to spend together. There was no conversation in the way back to the hotel... Jackson walked  Mark to his room. Mark  opens the door and went in Jackson  stayed out. Mark looked back...

Mark:  sleep well.

Jackson walked  forward and held his hand looking at him and whispers...

" I don't want to go..can  I stayed  tonight? "   He looked at Mark with pleading eyes. . Mark pull him in and close the door.

 "You can stay here untill you leave for Korea.."

They  grab eachother and started kissing.

"Do you  really like my lips that much?"

" they look like an apple.. I like apples..haha"

"hahaha. . Jackson where do you get all this ideas.. an apple?.. my lips look like an apple?"

" Yes they do....looking at them again.. and coming back for another kiss and this time he bites them"

" ahh ouch!!" He touches his lips with his fingers..
"Jackson  stop.. that hurts"

" I am sorry babe.. I couldn't  resist. I really wanted to do that.."

" I will get even. You will see.. "

The both start getting undress and stay with boxers.. they are both really tired for playing tonight.. Jackson  gets out of the bathroom first and get  on the bed first Mark still in the shower ..when Mark's comes out Jackson  is sleeping already..He stares at  his face and smile. 

" This is the first time I can actually see you sleeping you look so peaceful". caressing his hair and cheeks.  

Marks gets in and cover himself.. it feels little  chill in the room. He turns to a spoon position  looking the opposite way of Jackson's face. And closes his eyes.. soon after that he feels Jackson turning and pulling him closer to him and embraces him.. Mark can feels Jackson pressing  his body against his..and kept that Mark fell asleep as well..