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By the time we got back the sun was setting. Everyone else quickly got out of the car. They all went inside all that was left was waking Yoongi up. I poked his face. "Yoongi." No response "Yoongi oppa" still nothing. I leaned down to his ear or as close as I could get to it. "Yoongi.....if you don't wake up I think Tae is going to do something to you." With that he shifted but didn't wake up. "Hmm" I was wondering if this would work. I leaned down and kissed his cheek. "Come on get up." I whined a little. He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Did you just kiss me?" "What no I think you're dreaming" "No it was real." He touched his cheek. He sat up and scooted closer to me. I tried to stand my ground. "I didn't. " "I wasn't asleep I just didn't want to get up because you are very comfortable." "Wait you heard everything?" "Yea once the guys got out of the van I woke up." Oh thank god. "Oh" "You're cute." He put his hand on my cheek. I started blushing. "Thanks." "I hope that I'm the only one you wake up that way." He smiled "Um..." I couldn't look at him. "(Y/n) look at me please." I glanced up at him but quickly looked down again. He used his hand that was still on my cheek and lifted my face. I couldn't not look at him. "You're even cuter blushing" He laughed I pushed him lightly. Or so I thought. "Woah" He fell backwards taking me with him. I was too close to him. "I'm sorry" I said trying to get up. But he held me down. "You know you're really beautiful. I wish we could...." He was cut off by Jimin "Wow she sure has a way of waking him up." We both looked at him and Tae I quickly got off of Yoongi. "It's not what it looks like." I said touching my face. I could feel it getting red. "Yea sure." "Jimin...she didn't wake me up that way. Seriously she just called my name several times and poked me." "Really?" He looked like he didn't believe it. "Yea." "Then why was she on top of you." He smirked. "Because we were goofing around and I started to fall and grabbed her...I thought she would have been able to stop me. I was wrong." He looked at me and winked. "(Y/n) is that true." Tae said with a smile placed on his face. "Yea." Was all I said and then Yoongi pushed him and Jimin out of the way and got out of the car. Tae followed him. Jimin watched him walk away then turned to me. "So you really like him don't you?" "What?" "Would you wake me up that way next time?" "I swear I didn't do that." "Come on." Jimin sat next to me in the van. "Why do you want that kind of wake up?" "Well you are really pretty so waking up and seeing a pretty face is a great way to start a day." "Well I won't be waking you up the way I woke Yoongi up." "Why not....unless it really wasn't as innocent as you guys want it to be." I sat there and pretended to think about it. If I say no I'm in trouble so. "Nope it was innocent I guess I can poke you to wake you up." "Ok good. But be nice to me." He smiled. "Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok are looking for you." We looked at where the voice came from. It was Yoongi. I smiled. "Aww man I wanted to spend some alone time with (y/n)" "Sorry they were going crazy trying to find you...I think they even said they were going to post pictures of you on Twitter that were embarrassing for you." With that Jimin said bye and ran out. "Are they really doing that?" "Nope. I just wanted to make him panic." He laughed. "Nice one." I laughed as well. "Alright let's go in I'm hungry." He said holding his hand out for me to grab. "Yea me too" I said grabbing it and holding on until I got out of the car. As we got in the door Jimin came at Yoongi. "Dude you lied!" "Yea I did" He smiled "Not fair I wanted alone time with (y/n)" He pouted "Not today." He laughed and then walked towards the kitchen. "(Y/n) can we hangout just us sometime?" "Sure." "Yes! Take that Yoongi" He said and went off to the kitchen as well. I followed to go grab some food. "Did you hear Yoongi? She's going to hang out with me alone." Jimin said poking Yoongi in the back. "That's fine. She can do what she wants but trust me you won't be taking the place of bias." "How do you know that?" I asked smiling "I just know." He smiled back at me handing me a plate that he made for me. "There's no way...what if I kiss her and...." Jimin never finished "You won't kiss her! No one will....unless she says you isn't allowed." Yoongi yelled at Jimin. "(Y/n) can i kiss you sometime?" Jimin smirked at me. "No sorry...I think that would be.......I'll say inappropriate." "But..." "She just told you no. Move on." Yoongi pushed Jimin a bit and walked out to the living room. "I love messing with him" Jimin said laughing. "Maybe you shouldn' day he might not hold back." I said turning and following Yoongi's action. I sat on the floor with my back against the couch and Yoongi was right behind me. We ate our food while watching tv. Jin was really sweet and took our plates. I stared at the tv not really watching what was on it. The reason was simple every so often Yoongi would touch my shoulder, or my head or even trace shapes on my back. I smiled everytime he touched me. After a bit he stopped and I turned and saw he was asleep. YOONGI'S POV We all ate in the living room and were watching a movie. After Jin took our plates i couldn't help myself and id bump my knee on (y/n)'s shoulder or id pat her head. I even ended up tracing shapes on her back. I never have acted like this but for her....her i would do anything even if it meant embarrasing myself. The next thing I knew my eyes shut and I was out. "Hey Yoongi go to bed. It'll be more comfortable for you there." "No I'm good" I mumbled "Go now!" That had to be Jin. I didn't even open my eyes I just got up and made my way up the stairs. I then walked into my room and shut the door. I got in the bed and fell back asleep. It was so warm. NORMAL POV I had decided to go upstairs and go to bed alittle after the movie had started I was too tired. Yoongi was sleeping and so I asked Jin to make sure he gets to his bed. I flopped on the bed and got under the covers. It was nice and comfy. I don't want any other bed but eventually I'd have to give it back to Yoongi right? I fell asleep easily.I don't know why but I woke up in the middle of the night or so i thought it was when I actually looked at the clock it was 6am. I sighed and rolled over. I came face to face with yoongi's sleeping face. I almost screamed but quickly covered my mouth. When did he come into the room? I tried to remember but I couldn't. Nah It's got to be a dream. I'm going to do what I want. I scooted closer and rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. I woke up but didn't open my eyes. Something smelled good. I grabbed onto my pillow and pulled it close. Man I really wish I could have woken up with Yoongi. Like we did on the couch and in my dream. "Mmm" I felt arms go around me and I opened my eyes. I was holding onto Yoongi....that wasn't a dream?!?! I was frozen just staring at him. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. I think he must have not been up all the way. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. "Good morning beautiful." He said pulling back. "Yoo....yoongi." I started blushing hardcore. "My girl is so cute." He said tapping my nose. " just kissed me...." I looked away from his face. "Aren't I allowed to kiss you?" He lifted my face to look at him again. "I mean we are dating."I was shocked. He has got to think he's dreaming....but why would he think this is a dream.....does he like me? "Yoongi...we arent...." "Hey....what is Yoongi doing in here?" Jungkook said "I don't know...I woke up and he was here." "You too look cozy." He smiled "Jungkook stop it....he thinks he's dreaming." I said "I'm not dreaming (y/n)" "Ha hold on." Jungkook walked out the room. Crap. "Jungkook come back!" "Hey (y/n) I know you like the guys but....I get jealous when you are too friendly with them or go off without me. I know you love me....but what if you get sick of me and break with me because you realize one of the other guys is better than me." I looked at him. "Yoongi if we ever did date....I'd never leave...." He kissed me again. I didn't kiss back knowing that he thought this was a dream. "Oooooo" He pulled away. There was the rest of the group. "Maybe this is real." Jimin said turning away. "Yoongi why are you in (y/n) room." Namjoon asked "I'm allowed to be with my girlfriend." Yoongi said causing them all to be shocked. "I get it." Jin walked up to Yoongi and grabbed his face. "Yoongi this isn't a dream." Then Jin pinched him. And then Yoongi screamed and then looked at me. His face turned red he let go of me and got up. "I'm sorry" He said and ran off. "That was odd." Hoseok said going after Yoongi. We heard a door slammed. He must have locked himself in his room. "Thanks Jin." I said finally getting off the bed. "I'm sorry that he did that to you." "You don't need to apologize...I guess he just forgot I was here and came in last night." "I won't let it happen again ok." "Ok" After they all left I changed. Was he going to be awkward around me now? I mean before when he accidentally kissed me I didn't say anything because it was nothing. But this everyone saw and the feelings I had before are getting worse. Maybe we should just forget it...that might be better. I guess I'll have to wait to see how he is later.
I took this picture off my computer but gosh that smile. seriously he got that mischievous smile down. like why you look at me like that boy! Any whooo what did you think???? what's going to happen next????
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when you have an interview in the morning and you can't sleep because you decide to binge read all of the chapters on this because they are so addicting!!!! and then the cliff hanger!!!! why you do this to me @saravandorn
Oh my god. oh ny god. oh my god. i need the next chapter ASAP
literally the only thing going through my head rn is "aaaaahhhhh Yoongi!!! It's not a dream you stupidly cute fucker!!!"
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