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You quietly fold up the note and place it in your pocket. You look around and the driver, once more motions to the car. At your nod he takes your baggage and puts it in the booty of the closest car. He walks over and opens the door for you, tucking you safely inside. You sit there nervously for the next ten minutes, wondering and waiting for what will happen next. A few moments more and the door is opened; he slides in next to you, turns with a final wave out the door and then sits back with a sigh as the door is shut.
You won’t deny that you’re freaking out. You’ve had a celebrity crush on this man since you found out about his existence. Now he is sitting next to you and you have to stop yourself from letting your nerves show. All you need is for your leg to start bouncing and make the whole vehicle start moving up and down. You shake your head at your own stupid thoughts, tell yourself to just take a breath and act normal.
He turns to you, removes his sunglasses and mask.
“Where are you headed?” he asks as he motions forward to the driver.
After you’ve given the driver the name of your hotel, he reaches over;
“May I?” he asks as he takes off your sunglasses and mask.
“Ahh,” he sits back and smiles, “I knew I was right.”
You look at him in shock, “You weren’t sure? What if you’d gotten the wrong person?”
“Then I would have made a new fan on the way to their hotel.”
You just roll your eyes and laugh at his response, “and if they were sasaeng?”
“I would have won them over with my charm.”
He teases you as he hands you back your items.
“I’m sure you would have.”
“But there was little question. I knew you were flying in today, just not when.”
He taps the seat in front of him and his manager passes back two bottled waters.
“I’m beginning to think we were fated to meet.”
He salutes you with his water and takes a long pull.
“Excuse me, traveling can be dehydrating.”
“Haven’t you been on tour? You have to be exhausted.”
He nods his head, turns to you and smiles, “I must say; I am pleasantly surprised.”
You look over at him puzzled, “Surprised?”
“On what you sound like; your voice. Everyone knows what I sound like; it's how I make my living. But you; with your wisdom, the little personality quirks in your pictures; I have often wondered.”
That comment takes you totally by surprise. You’ve never thought of it actually. Speaking with someone over the internet, texting; whatever, it really doesn’t give you a total person until you speak together. You think back to an internet friend once telling you, “I can’t hear your voice because once I do; you’ll become real”. Do most people feel that way? Is everyone just a blip on a screen until you hear their voice and then they become an actual, real person?
While you’re lost in thought, he continues...
“I enjoy your photos very much. They make me smile on hard days.”
You raise an eyebrow at his comment. He actually looks at your photos? You thought he got on social media maybe only once a month or so.
“I’m glad, I honestly didn’t think anyone paid attention to them.”
He lifts an eyebrow and just smiles, “Now you know better.”
The car has pulled up to the JW Marriott and the driver steps out to open your door. [HN] looks over at you and takes your hand to shake.
“It was nice to meet you finally. I would let you out but, you understand?” He says as he points to all the people wandering around.
You shake his hand and nod. “Yes, thank you for the ride, it was.. a pleasant surprise.” He holds your hand for a minute longer as you say,
“It was nice to meet you”.
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out....*grabs paper bag* omg don't hyperventilate!! lol
Wow what a wild experience. I'd have bruises from constantly pinching myself to prove this was real. I also would let out at least one nervous giggle. Hopefully he'll consider it cute and not obnoxious.
;) I warned you this one would be
I have been thinking about the line he says about actually hearing someone's voice and how it changes things. I had never thought of it before but it seems so true. I feel close to a lot of people on here, especially @GriseldaZenger, but I haven't had that moment of connection with any of you. I love you all, just the same, but it's a fascinating aspect of friendship to consider. ...Dang sis, you've got me all introspective, you're just so clever.
well he seems very mature and way more cautious than other characters I've read from you. this is refreshing.. I like this kid. wonder how we'll meet next time. I can't wait to enjoy reading of the fun I have with my friend as we explore Korea ;p
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