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I believe that kpop is changing to be better. with all the cards about Amber going around here is a idea. I think kpop I becoming more open to different people. Examples to describe this are Amber, Hwasa, and songs like Just Right.


She is a changing kpop because her tomboyish look is getting a lot of hate. Thanks to the fans she stays herself. Everyone is slowly accepting her. So she is changing the outlook of the people on idols. She breaking standards.


You might not think that she is very different than other female idols. She has a bigger figure than others in kpop. She show that talent can overcome the right body for kpop. She has a some serious curves. Work It Girl

Just Right

This song is about how we are perfect just the way we are. This show that kpop is changing for the better.


I completely agree with what your saying. Although there's still a long way to go, more and more different idols are coming out now. I think there slowly learning to accept them.
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I love the fact that things are changing and it's changing for the better. @KAddict (🐳 Sky)
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